Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Book of Mormon - Conference Talk

Motherhood is filled with ups and downs, triumphs and defeats and it is sometimes a tireless job. Mothers don't get sick days, or vacation days and some days you don't even get the chance to brush your teeth, shower or use the toilet by yourself. I can’t imagine doing things completely by myself; facing a lot of things by yourself whether it is mowing the grass, running your kids places or even who you are going to call when something breaks. It seems overwhelming… maybe even frustrating. Seriously, I can't begin to imagine the stress, the loneliness, the fear, and the grit that go into being a full-time single mom.

Today I read Elder David S Baxter’s conference talk, Faith, Fortitude, Fulfillment: A Message to Single Parents. I immediately thought of two of the most amazing women I know, Nancy and Autunm. These two ladies are raising fabulous kids on their own.

I know it is frustrating for them. I see it in their tired faces. But I see their kids too. Their kids are evidence they are both some of the most valiant and faith people I know.

I see them worry. I see them feel alone. I see them work hard.

Elder Baxter’s message is clear.

You got this.

“you need not fear for the future. Your children will grow up and call you blessed, and every single one of their many achievements will stand as a tribute to you.”

Ladies, this promised blessing is already manifest in you and in your families.

“… in the midst of world calamity and moral decay” you have provided your families “the doctrine, authority, ordinances, and covenants that do hold out the best hope for the world” … and your families.

What a gift you are giving them!

You are showing them where true happiness can be found.

I know Heaven smiles on you and you are never left alone.

I admire you, my friends. I admire the loving homes with peace, goodness and opportunity you are providing for your children.

I know I cannot replace what you are truly missing, but I’m here for you.

You are not alone.

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