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Book of Mormon Study - Alma 43

As Alma 43 begins the Zoramites & the Amulonites, etc. have joined forces with the Lamanites and they've all gathered in Antionum (land of Zoramites) under the leadership of Zerahemnah.

And this guy was no dumb bunny, he knew what he wanted and how to get it. This "apostate" hated the Church more than the "traditional" enemies! He does his best to preserve hatred; to bring them unto subjection; to stir up others; and to bring all into bondage.

On the other hand, the Nephites want to support their families; preserve their rights and their privileges; their liberty and their right to worship God.

The armies of the Nephites gathered in the land of Jershon, prepared to meet the coming onslaught of Lamanites...

What happened next was sure to become legend in the annuls of the Nephites...however, the Lamanites probably did not wish to remember the incident. Amazingly, there were more than twice as many Lamanites (see vs.51) .

The Lamanites came face to face with the Nephites in the land of Jershon...took one long look at the Nephites, who were not only armed, but heavily protected with all sorts of armor ...and the Lamanites looked down at their puny swords, & bows & arrows, and nearly naked bods and high-tailed it out of there! They tried to go to another part of the land, Manti, where they thought the Nephites might be more vulnerable, and they tried to go in such a way that the Nephites wouldn't be able to follow them...

Guess what? Moroni had positioned "spies" among the Lamanites, so they knew exactly where they were all the time...then Moroni sent to ask the Prophet, Alma, to ask the Lord, whether or not they should go after the Lamanites ... and the Lord, through Alma, advised them of the Lamanites "plans" to attack the Nephites at Manti, so Moroni left part of his army in Jershon, lest the Lamanites came back, and took the remainder of his army to Manti...

Captain Moroni positioned his forces in such a way, that they would be ready when the Lamanites arrived, and when they came, Moroni's army waited until they advanced to the point where they could surround them from the rear as well as the front, and then the destruction began...mostly Lamanites dropping, because they had zippo protection...

So many of the Lamanites were slaughtered, that the surviving part of them got scared and ran towards the river Sidon...part of Moroni's army, led by a man named Lehi, pursued them to the river, but did not follow them across the river.

Why not? Moroni's army was already there to meet them! and they began again to slay the Lamanites, who then took off towards Manti, only to be met by still another part of Moroni's army.

By this time, the Lamanites knew they were trapped & realized that they had to stand and literally fight for their lives...which they did, with great courage and ferocity, and many Nephites fell at their hands...nevertheless.

When Moroni's army began to be overwhelmed by the awesome display of rage & strength of the Lamanites, he inspired them to greater courage by reminding them of what they were fighting

...and the Lamanites began to be defeated, even so much that, despite the fact that they still outnumbered the Nephites, they ran back to the river Sidon...where Moroni's army totally surrounded them, and they were terrified that they would all be slain...

Wow! What a story!

I see a pattern here (plus a couple verses from other chapters that tie in).

They are the Keys to Winning a War.

1. Know your cause and what you are fighting for. (43:9)

2. Recognize the enemy (43:10-11)

3. Arm yourself and prepare well (43:18-19)

4. Seek and follow the Lord's counsel (43:24,47)

5. Make a strategic plan (43:29-44)

6. Remember your cause (43:45)

7. Cry to the Lord for strength when you need help (43:49)

8. Fight with Divine Power - you are not alone (43:50)

9. Acknowledge the Lord's hand (44:4)

10. Give thanks to the Lord (45:1)

These steps were imperative in fighting against the Lamanites. These same steps are imperative in our fight against the Adversary. I ask myself about each step: Do I know my cause and what I am fighting for? Do I recognize the Adversary and his tactics? And so on.

What did you get out of chapter 43?

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  1. I got the same things plus the idea that if we (those seeking to know HIm and live in his righteous way) band together to fight/confront/conquer/defeat the advisary those that are prepared and plan and acknowledge the Lord and seek His guidance and will....WILL be victorious.