Sunday, June 17, 2012

Book of Mormon Study - Alma 46

The first thing that gets my attention in Alma 46 is that much harm is done because someone got their knickers in a twist… “exceedingly wroth.” This anger motivated a man to use “flattering words” to lead others away from truth and righteousness.

I am struck by the idea that people are quick to forget where blessings and strength come from… they are quick to return to wicked ways.

Captain Moroni squelched the threat of an overthrow and potential bloodshed by reminding the Nephites of their covenants, what they believed, and what they fought for. He empowered them with the title of liberty. He lead them by walking with them, always saying we (vs. 18) rather than you. He truly was a great leader who loved God and his people.

In vs. 9 it states that "we also see the great wickedness on very wicked man can cause to take place among the children of men." I hear the term "the ripple effect" referring to the influence one person can have on many. This is true for the good and the bad.

I hope I am on the side of good. Sometimes I feel like a very small person. I wonder how much good I can do. Although this verse is speaking of the damage one wicked man can do, when I read it, it reminded me that one righteous person can bring great righteousness and good among the children of men, as well. That brings me hope and assurance that even though my world is small, I sure hope my impact is great.

“And thus we see”…

Jeffrey R. Holland said: “Peace and freedom from fear will come to those in Zion, including—and especially—to the children of those who have made and kept their covenants.”

We should not only be willing to die for our covenants, but we should be willing to LIVE for them.

Moroni taught us to prepare by PROTECTING as well. He put on his helmet (vs.13) to protect his head. Our thoughts are in our heads. We protect our families by protecting our thoughts. Moroni put on his breastplate. The breastplate protects the heart. The heart is where there is life. The heart is where love and devotion and loyalty are felt. We protect our families by diligently working to protect our hearts. Moroni put on a girdle about his loins. Loins are where families are created. We must be virtuous and chaste. We protect our families by remaining virtuous and chaste.

This is how we protect freedom and family. The family is God’s first “unit”. The family is where gospel principles are to be taught and where understanding begins. No wonder the Nephites were successful when they turned their hearts to their families. We too can be successful as we do the same.

What did you learn in Alma 46?

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