Friday, June 22, 2012

Book of Mormon Study - Alma 48

There is so much in this chapter that was great- Today deserves a picture.

I can’t help comparing Captain Moroni in this chapter, to Amalickiah in the last chapters. What a difference!

He prepared the minds of the people to be faithful to the Lord; he built small forts, and heaped banks of earth and built stone walls; he taught them not to love the killing but to defend their families and their freedom to love God. I look at this preparation as strengthening my family through FHE and family traditions (small forts), family prayer (heaps of earth grounding us in who we are – children of God), and family scripture study (stone walls with a foundation in Christ).

I love the fact that Captain Moroni spent his time fortifying the Nephites and their strongholds. HE especially paid close attention to their weak points. In a spiritual sense, it is important for me to not just focus on the things I am good at and my strengths. Satan will not try to attack me there. He will go for my weaknesses. It is a good reminder to take an honest look at myself and my weakness with the eyes of Moroni, in order to strengthen and protect myself from the enemy, which in my case isn't Lamanites, but the adversary.

Of course, I loved the description of Moroni: a man of perfect understanding, who soul joyed in liberty and freedom of his county and being free, he was thankful to God, he recognized his blessings. he worked hard, he served others, he was selfless, a man firm in the faith of Christ, a defender of righteousness, he gloried in his faith, resisting iniquity and keeping the commandments. In vs 17 it says, "if all men had been, and were, and ever would be, like unto Moroni, behold the very powers of hell would have been shaken forever."

Kids! Listen up! BE THIS! Man do I want my children to understand that this should be a goal… to have them described as Captain Moroni’s in the world! sigh….

I've heard people talk about how that is quite a tall order to live up to. But it goes on to say that Moroni was in the same class as Ammon and the other sons of Mosiah, Alma and his sons. And why? vs. 18- because there were all men of God. I, too, have faith, and I do consider myself a woman of God. Now, I may not be as valiant and courageous as Captain Moroni, but it makes me feel good that I am on the right path, and that little old me can make the adversary shake in his bodiless boots, too.

What did you think of Alma 48?

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