Saturday, June 23, 2012

Book of Mormon Study - Alma 49

In this chapter we read of the fruits of their labor in fortifying their cities. I likened this to our my war against Satan:

vv 1-2: They rebuilt their cities = I must repent and strengthen my weakness

vv 3-7: The Lamanites prepared to attack what they though were the weakest cities, and had prepared themselves with armor = Satan will tempt me with the same sin and aim at what he sees as my weakness, but will go about it in different ways.

vv 8-15: The Lamanites recognized the strength of Ammoniha so they turned their attention to a weaker city = If Satan fails at attacking what he thought was a weakness, he will search for another weakness to attack (tempt) me.

vv 16-20: The Nephites had prepared the weak city with the strongest men = I should prepare myself with my strongest defense of faith, scripture study, testimony, etc, so that I will be fully fortified and protected.

vv 21-25: Not only did the Nephites prepare offensively before-hand, but they fought defensively until the Lamanites fleed = Not only should I prepare myself before hand, but I should fight through temptation, doubts and fears until the adversary gives up.

vs 28: The Nephites thanked the Lord= I should always thank the Lord and acknowledge His hand in my life.

vs. 30: The Nephites prospered when they followed the word of God = I will prosper as I follow God's word and endure to the end.

Somewhere it says, "If ye are prepared ye shall not fear." For me, that is the message I got out of this chapter. Be prepared in all things.

What did you get out if it?

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