Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dance... This year.... Jungle book

 The theme for the dance recital this year was Jungle Book.  Lillian got to play Bagirra the panther.  Sadly, she was my only dancer this year.  Even more sad, these are the only pictures.  I was busy doing lights and sound... McKay was busy being a teacher... Hannah was gone to San Fransisco ( see a future blog)... and Kimber is busying being a mom (and she helped me with the light board).
Case sat nice for the recital with John.  In all, we forgot to get the camera out.  Lillian danced a solo that Kimber helped her create.  She also danced in a ballet class and a tap class.  She is a great little dancer.

We missed picture day because it was in the middle of the Honk run.  The video for the studio didn't turn out.  Thus, this is all there is.  End of a rather pathetic year.

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