Thursday, June 7, 2012

Here is the Deal....

I am working on reading the next chapter in the Book of Mormon a couple verses at a time.  Some days are like that. 

Between HS graduation, seminary graduation, creating awards for my class for the last day of seminary, working two concerts, cleaning the disaster zone called my house, and getting the family ready for camping in the rain, I have had little time for myself. 

For heaven sake, I have been going to bed late, getting up very early, working non-stop on something, and still can't seem to get time to write something about what I've been reading.  Even now, as I write this, I can barely write two words without someone demanding something or interrupting my thought for some "all important" conversation. 

When I was a kid, and you wanted some "alone" time, you went into the bathroom.  I can't tell you how many conversations I've had in a bathroom with a 20 foot phone cord stretched across the living space and through the bathroom door.  teeheehee. 

I'd take the computer into the bathroom to write, but that would never work.  People even follow me there... pounding... yelling through the door.  There is no peace found for a hard working woman in my house.

Now I am packing up for a camping trip to the beach.


First, I have to say I'm not crazy camping.  I like my bed too much.  I like the conveniences of my house too much.  Besides, I think I did my share of camping and roughing it in the wild as a kid.

Second, I don't really have what it takes to camp well.  I don't have a real coat. (You may remember that story).  I don't have a working sleeping bag.  (The zipper on the sleeping bag we bought when we were first married finally broke.  John replaced his when he went with the scouts and everyone else has good bags... Me... I get to fake it).

Last, it's raining.  I am now "looking forward" to 5 days of never drying out and warming up and camping on the beach.

I've already made the kids cry because I said no dogs.  I just couldn't bring myself to endure the same 5 wet, cold days surrounded by 3 wet, smelly dogs.

I will return to my blog on Tuesday.  I am hoping that I will have a reason to repent and blog about how fun it was; how the weather warmed up and stopped raining; and the family, even the moody teens, all got along.

Must pray....

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