Thursday, June 7, 2012

no words...

So McKay just sprung on us that she is moving to New Mexico at the end of summer and marrying Myles.  Don't have a date for that.  However, I have to say that although I knew this was coming, I am disappointed that she has shut us out for so many months.  I don't think she is ready for marriage and she is in no mood to hear anything I might say on the matter.  The things I didn't know and I had lived on my own for 5 years and was 25.  She is 18.  Oh well.  Myles is nice enough.  But there will be no more canning days.  No more silly rock out sessions.  No more gardens to work together.  I don't travel well so there will be little of McKay in my life.  I should be able to accept that since she has made a point to avoid the family since September.  Still.... a little hard to swallow on a day I'm doing my least favorite thing... getting ready to leave for camping.... and it's 2:15 and we still haven't left.  Some things never change.  it's just like when I was a kid and we all sat around waiting for my dad to do "one more thing".  That's what we are doing.  Waiting.... and stewing... sigh.


  1. Love you, Sis. I, too, will miss so many of the same things.

  2. Is it possible that McKay is being abused? One of the first steps is isolation. Isolation from anyone who could help them get out later when they realize what is happening (since in the beginning they have to be nice to get them to stick around). I noticed her withdrawing from her friends last year too. It made me sad but I just thought she was growing away from some people, but now that I know it's her family too, I am really worried. She also didn't seem the same last time I saw her. She used to be so happy, energetic, and open. When I saw her, she was withdrawn and angry looking, not the look of someone in love or happy. It especially worries me since she is going so far away, I know you and your family would always welcome her back but with her so geographically (and possibly socially) isolated, if there is a serious problem she might not feel like she can.

    I really hope you get some sort of notification and see this. I didn't want to place it on any of the new ones since both McKay and Myles read it. I hope that you do not think I am overstepping, I just really want the best for McKay.