Sunday, June 3, 2012

Salad Days 404-421

Oops.... I'm a little behind in posting, however, I have been successful in getting a salad a day.  Here the salads I've enjoyed... even if I can't remember every detail:

May 17 I had a salad with toasted pecans, spinach, tomatoes and a nice dressing.  It was very yummy.

May 18 I made a Chinese Chicken salad butt I used ChowMein noodles instead of ramen.  I liked it much better than the real way.

May 19 I made a warm spinach and feta salad.  I like this salad.  It is pretty good.

 May 20 I made a taco salad.  It really is an old stand by.  someday I will find time and energy to really branch out.
May 21 I made a salad with crasens, mixed greens, and apples.  It turned out yummy.

May 22 I made Thai salad with cilantro.  I like cilantro.  I need to add it to more recipes.

 May 23 I just had an ordinary green salad with tomatoes.
 May 24 was yet an other ordinary Green salad day.
May 25... again... ordinary green salad.

May 26... again... plain salad.

 May 27... again... boring green salad.
 May 28... again.... I see a pattern here.
 May 29... again.... but I added feta and some raisins.

 May 30... I made tabbouleh!  I love this salad.  Hannah and I agree, we should make it every week.  June 1 I ate tabbouleh again.
June 2 was graduation and I worked all day long.  I didn't have time for eating, so after everything was over we went one of my favorite restaurants and I enjoyed fajitas... salad style.

Today, June 3, my son wanted taco salad... so we made that.  This coming week should be interesting.  We are going camping.  Salads have never been all that good while camping.  AND it's going to be cold.  Wish me luck!

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