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The Week at the Boyacks - Week 7

Monday Started on a run.  We were beginning week 5 at CET.   Lillian was tired, but she was ready for what was ahead in the week.  Me?  Not so much.
After all, I knew I had 6 day of 12-16 hour days ahead.  I knew I needed to get to more shows up and performing and then struck an in storage before the end of the week.  I knew I had a hallway to scrub, a storage room to clean and organise, and what seemed like a million things to do and no time to do it.
Once we got to CET I helped load up the Library Show, 12 Resourceful Princesses and set it up at the library.  There were a couple issues with the lights.  First, the library only uses Par can instruments.  They use odd colors... dark amber and purple.  The sound wasn't able to hook up the iPod we needed to use.  I ran back to the school and Tony decided HE needed to go to the store for a new cable.  I figured out on our walk to the library with 200 kids that he really just wanted to get out of the walk.  LOL
At first, the walk was ok…

Set Designs for the Summer