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Book of Mormon Study - Alma 56

Chapters 56-58 is a letter that Helaman sends to Moroni to inform him of his army’s activities. He informs Moroni that his army went to the city of Judea to assist Antipas. Apparently the Lamanites had had a lot of success in taking many of the cities in that area.

Helaman marches with his 2,000 young men past the Lamanite city of Antiparah as if they were taking provisions to a neighboring city. When the Lamanites see this small little army, they take the major part of the army in that city and pursue Helaman. In the meantime Antipus comes in behind the Lamanites and pursues them. Eventually Antipus catches the Lamanites and gives them battle. When Antipus is killed in the battle, the other Nephites start losing the battle. However, when Helaman discovers that the Lamanites are no longer pursuing them (though he doesn’t know the reason), he asks his 2,000 men what they should do. They want to go back and fight the Lamanites. Helaman said that never before had he ever seen such great courage. So they get there just in time. When the Lamanites see they are surrounded, they surrender and are sent to Zarahemla. None of the 2,000 are hurt.

I find this chapter crazy. I can just imagine these big scary Lamanite adults chasing the Deacons, Teachers, and Priest through the forest. They chased them all day and into the night, Helaman kept his little army moving in a straight line because turning would be dangerous.

I think this is a little like temptation. The Adversary does not stop. Wickedness does not need a rest. It keeps going. In fact, temptation follows you your whole life. It will never go away. If you turn right or turn left, it will overtake you and you will fall. You must stay on the “strait and narrow path”.

I am also impressed with Helaman’s little army for their courage. They had no fear. “Fear not, for the Lord is on your side.” That was their motto. I think it should be our motto too. They did not fear because they had faith. They were repentant. They were obedient in all things.

I have a few fears in my life… I fear I won’t get all these sets done… I fear I won’t be able to help my son… I fear for the financial future of my kids in this economy… I fear that wickedness will overtake us all. Today I will practice the faith, repentance and obedience that these young men practiced. They had to be tired after running all day and all night, but they didn’t stop. I think I’m off to a great start because I did scripture study first, before starting the craziness that it CET. I hope that will help me to be victorious.

What did you learn?


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