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Book of Mormon Study - Alma 60

It's been a couple days since I posted because Blogger wasn't co-operative in the time I had available.  Today it is kind enough to let me in.  :)

Now on to Alma 60.

Wow- Talk about the ability to spit fire!  That's all I can say.

Captain Moroni was not a man I would want to cross. He had an unwavering testimony and endless passion and courage. He did not fear men, nor did he want power. He would give up his life for the fight for good; for his family; for freedom.

However, he seems a little impulsive.  I can totally relate.  I too, jump to conclusions more often than I ought to.

This is a scathing letter to Pahorhan, assuming all the worst things about him; even threatening to usurp his power and kill him if necessary. He wrote some pretty strong words. To me, they reflect his passion for his cause and his intolerance for those that don't fight with him. Truly he understood that if you with the Lord, you are against him.

These days we soft-peddle it in the sake of tolerance. It's OK if people do what they want- as long as they aren't hurting others. They have their agency. But, really, the reality is that if you are not with God, you are against God.

This goes beyond Mormonism. It is not an organized religion (though we do claim to hold the necessary authority and covenants, etc). We are actively at war with Satan. If you are not fighting him, if you are sitting back while others are serving, teaching, preaching and doing, then you are fighting with the adversary.

There is not in between in Moroni's eyes, or in God's eyes. In Revelation 3:16 the Lord Himself says: "So then because thou are lukewarm, and neither cold not hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth." This speaks of those who remain still in apathy towards the Lord's cause. They are almost worse than those that actively wage war against the Lord, because they sit back, passionless and unmotivated in their own world, content to watch others struggle.

If you are not actively with Him, you are against Him.  Period.

Pahoran's perceived inactivity looked like apathy to Moroni. This is what set him off. Compare the tone of this letter to the one written to Ammoron in Alma 54. I would argue that Moroni's letter to Pahoran was longer, full of more passion, disappointment and threatenings- because he thought he was apathetic. Maybe he was seeking power, or whatever, but in Moronis eyes, there was work to be done and Pahoran wasn't doing it. And because of his perceived lack of caring and action, thousands were dying.

Moroni was filled with passion about his God and his country, and to see other's sit idly by, passionless and motionless, was more than he could take.

Dude!  I get that!  It drives me nuts to see many people work hard and to see so many sit back and expect to be cared for by others... entitlement?  Get over it.  Yesterday, my son said WE should buy him his own house.  Not!  The best things in life I have I worked for.
A great principle Moroni taught and lived was the principle of cleaning your inward vessel first (23). Take care of what's inside and the rest will work out. The start of the major wars began in the inward vessel of the Nephites. When that was cracked by the king-men (Alma 51) and torn apart by the Nephite Amalickiah and his brother Ammoron.

If the inner vessel of the Nephites would have been sufficiently mended, the subsequent 18 years of war could have been avoided.

Anyway- you can tell I love this chapter. I could to on and on, but I've got to get and and start my day!

What did you think/learn today?


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