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The Week at the Boyack's - Week 6

Welcome to this crazy week at the Boyack house.  The truth is, I was hardly there.  In fact, one day I got to come home early and they all ask why I was there.  come on1  I live here!  Monday contained the usual chaos.  Lilli and I went to CET.  I came home to teach a lesson and then headed back to Salem for Family Fun Night at CET.  Family Fun Night is when the staff is asked to perform for the students and their families.  I was talked into performing.  I sang "Housewife" from working.  I think it surprised many CET long timers to have a "techie" participate.  Even more shocking was that I could sing.  Meanwhile, Hannah took care of Case and Chad did whatever Chad does.  McKay went to Jamba Juice and then to Singles ward FHE... They spread bark dust for a running trail.  someone posted this picture and it made me smile.
Tuesday was more of the same.  Hannah watched Case.  McKay went to work.  Chad laid around and barked orders at everyone.  Lilli and I went to CET.  John went to work.  My afternoon lessons cancelled, so I stayed in Salem and McKay brought Hannah to help me at the set work party.  We got finished one set's paint... came close to the second set... and got a good start on the third set.  All the 1st year shows share the same set.  It is mostly getting done during the day with classes.

Wednesday, again Hannah watched Case.  Lilli and I went to CET.  McKay and John went to work.  Chad slept most of the day and demanded things when he got up.  In the afternoon I couldn't get anything done on the sets because of rehearsals so I came home after programing the light board.  The kids were surprised to see me.  I did some laundry... washed dishes.. picked up stuff... watered the yard... finally, around 8pm I thought, "Why am I not in bed?  This is my chance to get some sleep."  So I got in bed.  meanwhile, Chad had seen some video of waxing off body hair by doing stupid stunts: attaching the wax paper things to brisks, cars, etc. to pull it off.  Chad and Hannah called Joanna to borrow her wax stuff.  She would let them to stunts.

But she did help them wax Chad's entire body.  I was sleeping.  but I hear it was quite the show.  There is a video.  Maybe someday I will figure out how to up load video and the world can laugh at Chad's pain.

Thursday was another long day.  After CET Lilli and I did a little shopping for CET and then stayed to work on the set.  Eventually, a new little friend from CET took her swimming.  McKay brought Hannah and we painted and painted.  McKay brought Case for a road trip to visit.  Thursday was Improv Night at CET.  This meant that I could only work behind the curtain.  Gah!  so much to do and too many times to work around.

Friday, CET performed our first production of the season at the Arts Fair in Bush Park.  The show was "Giraffes Can't Dance."  This is the set Hannah and Megan painted single handily.  It turned out great!

We walked all the kids from CET up the couple of blocks to watch their first performance.  Ray was nice enough to drive Kimber, Hannah, and Case in to Salem to see the show.  Case loved it!  Ben was mesmerized.  Kimber and Hannah seemed to like it too.  At the end of the show, the CET kids did a "flash mob" dance - Safety Dance.  If I can figure out how to load it, I will post the video.

Friday, Lilli and I went off to CET.  But John stayed home from work.  He was pouring a sidewalk!  At first, he didn't have enough help.  Chad refused to help because he liked the rocks and stepping stones.  What will he do when he has to move out?  He hates change.  Won't it be a surprise when next summer he may be asked to pay rent since he will be officially done with high school and we will no longer be responsible for EVERYTHING in Chad's life.  But, Case tried to help.

John said a little prayer and Ray came and Noe came and they dug out the place for the sidewalk.  They worked all Friday and Saturday, John got up and Ray helped him, and at the end of the day, we had a sidewalk.

Meanwhile, Friday night I took Hannah and McKay and McKay's friend to the Broadway Rose theater to see my student Lindsey in the Sound of Music.  I was going to take Lilli, but I think she is tired after all this excitment with CET.  Lindsey was great as Leisl.  We had a great time!  Saturday, Hannah and I went to CET to paint for a couple of hours.  When I got home everyone was gone.  Lilli was at a friend's house.  Hannah was at a birthday party.  Chad went to swim at the Jessops.  John and went to dinner and then to a fabulous show at the Pentacle.  Over the River and Through the Woods was the best production I've seem in many years.  I laughed.  I cried.  It was so moving... well written...well acted and directed.  Productions like this remind me of why I love live theater.  Now it is time to take a deep breath and jump into the longest week at CET. 


  1. FOR THE RECORD: (ehemmmmm) I did NOT wax Chad's "whole body"...just the little patches of hair growth on the back...I repeat, I did NOT wax his entire body. [This is the internet ya know... world wide stuff..I have a reputation to uphold, or at least a "front" to maintain. LOL!]


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