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Book of Mormon Study - 3 nephi 4

There are times I don't want to face a trial.  I cry.  I beg.  I plea for the Lord to take it away.  It always stays.

When I read about the Nephites, they had the same experience- kind of. They saw a trial (Lamanites) before them. They fell to their knees and asked God if he would spare them and deliver them.

But the Lamanites didn't go away. They came in full force.

The Nephites fought valiantly and defensively. Then they fought offensively until they had, with great cost, defeated their enemies. And when they were done, once again they fell to their knees, but this time in acknowledgment and gratitude for the deliverance they had requested in their initial prayers.

Now, they asked to be delivered, but they still had to fight. So, why were they so grateful? Because God gave them the strength to fight (10) and he gave them inspiration on how to fight. They fought and they were delivered and they were humble and grateful.

I guess I need more gratitude for my trials that never g…

Book of Mormon Study - 3 Nephi 3

The first thing that comes to my mind is how the enemy really does admire the faith of the faithful. It is power.

Sadly, the enemy will try to use that faith against you.

“He whose ruling passion is the love of praise is a slave to everyone who has a tongue for flattery.” -George Eliot

Joseph F. Smith said: “There are at least three dangers that threaten the Church within, and the authorities need to awaken to the fact that people should be warned unceasingly against them. As I see these, they are flattery of prominent men in the world, false educational ideas, and sexual impurity.”

We must beware of flattery.

Lachoneus was a righteous man. He knew this. What a blessing good leaders are to a group of people. Lachoneus and Gidgiddoni were both men of God, who sought inspiration from the Lord to lead their people. In turn, they were blessed.

On the other hand, Giddianhi was a wicked man driven by power and greed. This would ultimately lead to the demise of his people. Hmmm… sound fami…

Book of Mormon Study - 3 Nephi 2

It's amazing how quickly they could forget the signs they just witnessed. The more they forgot, the less they were impressed by the signs, eventually talking themselves out of any faith they had in Christ. It seems almost unfathomable to us. That would never happen to us, but it could... it is.  I've heard it said we are all only two weeks away from inactivity.

This chapter really is a blue print for falling away.

It is easier to stray than to stay. But there is no eternal joy in straying.  If you ask me... it only brings sadness in the long run... even if you believed you were happy for awhile.

I've seen many people in my life that have left the church. Some have stayed away, hardening their hearts to the doctrine and forgotten, and eventually deny, the spiritual experiences they once had. I've also seen others come back to the church after periods of inactivity. They are really able to see the difference of a life in the darkness, and one in the light of the gospel.

The Week at the Boyacks - Week 11

This week was one BUSY week.  Things that happened everyday: John went to work; McKay went to work; Chad went to cross-country practice; Hannah went to run spot light at Pentacle Theater for HMS Pinafore; drive Chad to Jamba Juice; and Chad finally decided to drive and insisted on driving 11 hours this week.  Things that didn't happened everyday.  Monday I canned tuna.  We bought about 30 pounds on the way home from camping.  McKay really wanted to take some tuna with her to New Mexico.  So canning we did.  Ben came to help.  He likes to do the dishes.  LOL
Tuesday McKay took Hannah, Kimber and Chad to the peach orchard to pick peaches.  Once again, McKay really wanted to take peaches with her to New Mexico, so we canned.
We almost missed our window.  It is a good year for peaches.  Our favorite varieties are already finished.  Still, we were able to get a couple of good looking peaches.  We did get a few green ones, but not as many as the year before.
Wednesday we canned 82 jars of…

Book of Mormon Study - 3 Nephi 1

Don't you love this chapter?

The "believers" had to face death for their testimony.  There are times I don't know if I could have done that.

Sacrament meeting today was on strengthening faith in a time of uncertainty. I'd say these "believers" faced a life of uncertainty.  We could poor out our souls like Nephi did for strength and deliverance.

Makes me think, "What am I willing to give up for my testimony and my faith?"

How about you?  What did you learn?

Book of Mormon Study - Helaman 16

And they began to depend on their strength and upon their own wisdom... Gah! I always fall into that trap!

If I am struggling in a subject, I would be wise and even successful if I hire a tutor. I had to get a tutor to pass my “math” credits in college. Math is not my thing. If I struggle and do not seek higher help, my struggles will not cease. It’s more like continuing to hit my head against the wall.

God is our higher help. He knows the truth and the way. He can give us strength and knowledge, faith and wisdom that is beyond ourselves.

Not only did the people depend on their own wisdom, but their wisdom was WAY off! In verse 22 it says "and they were much disturbed." So true. The scary thing is that I hear the same words being spoken today about the condition of our world as it approaches the Last Days.

The physical calamities, the state of politics, nations and wars: all of which have been prophesied for thousands of years. We know that it's coming, the Second Comin…

Book of Mormon Study - Helaman 15

There's a fascinating thing that just dawned on me as I read verses 14 and 15, which, ironically, are the only two verses that are not highlighted.

Here is a great lesson on nature vs. nurture and how it correlates to salvation.

I've always looked at the Lamanites as wicked and ferocious people- as a whole. They were the bad guys. They were the ones that fought against the righteous. They were the ones who weren't blessed. They were ferioucous; they killed people; they did not follow the Lord. They were bad.

I always thought the Nephites were better. But, I have been totally wrong.

First of all, in verse 4 where he says "the Lamanites hath he hated because of their deeds," we know that the Lord doesn't hate anyone. He abhors sin, and cannot look upon it with any degree of allowance.  Vs. 3 proves that when you love someone you must do what you can to correct them... even chasten them.

Some of the Lamanites were really bad people- just evil. But then, so were …

Book of Mormon Study - Helaman 14

Whenever it says "that can't be written,(1) I always feel a little twinge of excitement. We've been told that we will receive more scripture when we are ready. I'm hoping it will fill in some of the blanks, add the teachings of prophets like Zenock and Zenos and Samuel the Lamanite, etc. So exciting!

I like the term "condition of repentance." (18) The Savior atoned for everyone. He knew that not all would take advantage of it, but He still did it for all. It is for each of us, but it is not free. There are conditions to repentance: a humble heart, contrite spirit, etc. Some people think that all you have to do is say you believe and you are saved, but that isn't the case. It takes work. Salvation isn't cheap but it is ours if we choose. In verse 30 is says as much. It's our choice.

It is all part of the Great Plan!

Verse 30 also clarifies that it is knowledge that sets us free. The more we know about ourselves, our nature, our potential, the more…

Book of Mormon Study - Helaman 13

I've been camping and away from a computer.  It is time to get back with reading and blogging about the Book of Mormon.  Today is Helaman 13 and the beginning of the story of Samuel the Lamanite.

I love the tenacity of Samuel. He was commanded by God to preach to his city- they wouldn't let him in. He didn't give up and turn around. (Jonah ring a bell? funny since I'm canning tuna today.) No, Samuel climbed the wall and preached to the city from there.

When God asks us to do something, there is always a way it can be done. Sometimes we just need to think outside the box- or the city, in Samuel's case.

Again, here it talks about the power of the 'word.'  The power that is in the word is amazing, and here, once again, we see that. In verse 8 the Nephites learn that unless they repent, the word will be taken from then. Along with that, the Spirit will be taken away, and their enemies will be unleashed.  This is an even stronger threat when you think about the …

The Week at the Boyack's - Week 10

It has been a full week. So full that I wasn’t’ around a computer for most of the week!

Monday was registration. This year Hannah has decided to give full time HS a try. Chad will be taking 4 classes at the HS. That will leave Lillian the only one at home for me to teach. Sigh. Things are changing.

We spent the morning at the HS getting pictures and ID cards. However, the longest chore was waiting in line at the counseling office. If you can believe it, Hannah didn’t have choir on her schedule. We had to make changes. Choir is the one thing she really wants! She now has English 1, Algebra1, Choir, Health 1, Physical Science, Cultural Geography, and a study hall. I wanted her to have time to do home work since she has never been at public school. However, we hear that study hall is not a good idea because it’s a lame environment. We will give it a couple weeks and make changes if we need to.

Chad has 2 choir classes, college Algebra (sweet! He will get college credit for that class) an…