Thursday, August 30, 2012

Book of Mormon Study - 3 Nephi 3

The first thing that comes to my mind is how the enemy really does admire the faith of the faithful. It is power.

Sadly, the enemy will try to use that faith against you.

“He whose ruling passion is the love of praise is a slave to everyone who has a tongue for flattery.” -George Eliot

Joseph F. Smith said: “There are at least three dangers that threaten the Church within, and the authorities need to awaken to the fact that people should be warned unceasingly against them. As I see these, they are flattery of prominent men in the world, false educational ideas, and sexual impurity.”

We must beware of flattery.

Lachoneus was a righteous man. He knew this. What a blessing good leaders are to a group of people. Lachoneus and Gidgiddoni were both men of God, who sought inspiration from the Lord to lead their people. In turn, they were blessed.

On the other hand, Giddianhi was a wicked man driven by power and greed. This would ultimately lead to the demise of his people. Hmmm… sound familiar?

I've been thinking a lot about good leaders as of late during our upcoming elections here in the US. What kind of leader would be best for our country, for the people. I hope it would be one who had faith and sought God's will for us.

I also think of leaders on a smaller scale. I am a leader in my own little way. They way I lead affect my children, my husband, those around me. It's a lot of responsibility- and one that I take seriously.

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