Friday, August 31, 2012

Book of Mormon Study - 3 nephi 4

There are times I don't want to face a trial.  I cry.  I beg.  I plea for the Lord to take it away.  It always stays.

When I read about the Nephites, they had the same experience- kind of. They saw a trial (Lamanites) before them. They fell to their knees and asked God if he would spare them and deliver them.

But the Lamanites didn't go away. They came in full force.

The Nephites fought valiantly and defensively. Then they fought offensively until they had, with great cost, defeated their enemies. And when they were done, once again they fell to their knees, but this time in acknowledgment and gratitude for the deliverance they had requested in their initial prayers.

Now, they asked to be delivered, but they still had to fight. So, why were they so grateful? Because God gave them the strength to fight (10) and he gave them inspiration on how to fight. They fought and they were delivered and they were humble and grateful.

I guess I need more gratitude for my trials that never go away.

What did you learn?

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