Monday, August 20, 2012

Book of Mormon Study - Helaman 13

I've been camping and away from a computer.  It is time to get back with reading and blogging about the Book of Mormon.  Today is Helaman 13 and the beginning of the story of Samuel the Lamanite.

I love the tenacity of Samuel. He was commanded by God to preach to his city- they wouldn't let him in. He didn't give up and turn around. (Jonah ring a bell? funny since I'm canning tuna today.) No, Samuel climbed the wall and preached to the city from there.

When God asks us to do something, there is always a way it can be done. Sometimes we just need to think outside the box- or the city, in Samuel's case.

Again, here it talks about the power of the 'word.'  The power that is in the word is amazing, and here, once again, we see that. In verse 8 the Nephites learn that unless they repent, the word will be taken from then. Along with that, the Spirit will be taken away, and their enemies will be unleashed.  This is an even stronger threat when you think about the "word" as "The Word" or the Savior.  I can't imagine what life would be like without the influence of the Savior.  Risky business.

The Lord had softened the hearts of their enemies. Not because of what they had done, but because of what the Nephites had done right. As the Nephites continue to sin, that blessing of safety from the enemies is in danger.

But, if they repent, they will be blessed.

If that's not incentive enough, I don't know what is. 

This chapter is the ultimate 'Pros and Cons' list. Repent and get this. Sin and get this.

The Pros sound so good. The Cons sound so bad.

I look at my life and I know that there are pros and cons. I can see the blessings in my life when I obey. I really don't want to see what my life would be like if I turned away from God. Major cons.

What did you learn?

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