Thursday, August 2, 2012

Book of Mormon Study - Helaman 6

This is where the tide turns. The Lamanites become a more powerful people, and the Nephites begin to sin.

In verse 1 it talks about two elements of faith: firmness and steadiness. Interesting to break it up like that. It's not good enough to have strong faith, if it is inconsistent, or consistent faith if it isn't strong.

To become exceedingly righteous, you must have both.

We are also blessed for the easiness and willingness we show in believing in His word.

It is interesting to note in verses 34-36 the effects of sin. The Nephites stopped believing, and the started making poor choices- sinning. We read the consequence of their choices was the withdrawal of the Spirit of the Lord. But, the Lamanites were willing to believe in Him, so His spirit was poured out among them.

Oh- and Satan the Gaddianton robbers suck. Not eloquent, but bottom line.

What did you learn?

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