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This Week at the Boyacks - Week 8

This week was a rather boring and slow compared to the past 5 weeks.  We mostly hung out at home.  There was plenty to do just to catch up from all my time with CET.  I think Case missed us.  He was a little stand off-ish at first, but then he was back to his old self.
The weather warmed up and Lillian was very creative in finding ways to cool off.  She filled the wheelbarrow with water for a "personal" swimming pool.  It turned out to be so fun she had to invite people over to "swim".  LOL.  too bad it feel over just as I snapped the picture.

McKay went to work most of the week.  The big news at Jamba is that the new inflatable showed up... and they got new shirts.  Now she wears orange to work and not purple.

Kimber and Ray went to Cub Camp (of sorts) Monday thru Wednesday.  Lillian and I got to play with Ben all day.He is tons of fun.  He can crawl now.  He likes people to play with him.  He LOVES food.  He only wants a bottle when he is ready to sleep.  I think he had fun, but I know he missed his mommy.  :)

We also celebrated National Watermelon Day.  It's not quite ready for good watermelons.  I sure love a good juicy watermelon.  Maybe they will get juicier and sweeter this week. 

Case loved  "sunning" himself.  Actually, we lucked out.  Independence lost power one day.  While they were cooking a couple miles away, we were enjoying the AC.

Thursday was Chad's birthday.  We didn't really do anything.  He didn't want to do much.  He really wants us to buy him P90X.  It's a little expensive, so he will have to wait.  We did spring for some running shoes.  Chad's only other wish for his birthday was to run in a race.

We packed up Ben and Kimber and Lillian and took Chad to Salem to race.  I tried to get everyone together to at least support Chad in his race and to have a picnic dinner.  Sadly, McKay was at work.  Ray was with his family because Micheal has the same birthday.  Hannah wanted to hang out with friends.  John wanted to work late and then the car wouldn't start and when he was trying to jump start it he locked the keys in the car.  Lilli and I were the only people to eat the picnic.  Even when we got home we were the only people to eat the dinner we got together.  At least Ben loved being at the park and learning to use the sippy cup I got him.

Chad is becoming quite the runner.  He has lost about 60 pounds.  He runs nearly every day.  His form has changed drastically.  He wasn't to pleased with how well he did, but we thought he did great!  Come one!  It was his first race and he really did have a respectable time.  We will race again this week too.

Kimber tried to race too.  It didn't work out as well.  She got lost in the park... well, she was able to find her way to us, but she had trouble following the twists and turns of the coarse.  Still, she ran about 2 miles.  Not bad for a lady still recovering from baby weight.  :)

Friday, Chad got to work sound at the park.  McKay was at work and I was going to a movie with John. We walked out of the movie.  I'm too impressed with PG-13 movies with nudity and sexual activity so prominent.  It takes courage to walk out... especially when you know people in the theater.  It just wasn't worth it.  After the movie we hung out at home until we went to the park to help Chad take down all the equipment.  We were out until after mid-night.  It's good for Chad to develop some responsibility.  I hope they call him again.

Saturday we worked around the house.  John put on this great outfit and and vacuumed the bees out of the eaves.  He has some funny ideas!  He also worked on the rails for the porch and stairs.  meanwhile, I took the girls to shop for fabric for the wedding dresses.  We also hit Brave the movie and had lunch.  It was good to have a day with no one fighting and getting something done.  After the girl date, John and I took Chad to Batman.  He always feels left out.  He doesn't like us to offer to take him places... so we had to try.  At least with Batman, he was willing to be seen in public with his parents... then again, we were paying.
The biggest event of the week, other than Chad's uneventful birthday, was that the wedding dress came in the mail from China.  McKay won't let me post a picture.  Something about Myles reads my blog.  It looks good!  Now all we need is Grandma to help us with the little jacket thing.

So there is the weekly report.  I wonder what this week will bring.


  1. Sounds like a fun time! WOOHOO on the Birthday run (even for Kimber!)WIll this next week slow down or rev up? The suspense is killing me! :o)


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