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Beginning a "Clean" journey - wish me luck!

So here is the deal… for the past couple of months I just haven’t been myself. I am told that I am borderline everything. My numbers are high enough to “be concerned”, but not high enough to have meds. (which is ok with me because I am not a big fan of meds.) I don’t have the energy I used to. I have this dull headache all the time… not enough of a headache to need a Tylenol, but pressure like someone is squeezing my brain.

The answer to my concerns have always been lose weight. Duh! I’ve been working at it! Hello! I ate salads for over a year and blogged about it. I took all wheat, dairy and soy out of my diet because of allergies. I tried to exercise.

There was NO change! Gah!

I am tired of the same old answers… the medical establishments “party” line.

Someone please explain to me why I wasn’t making progress when I eat between 1200 and 2000 calories a day and exercising!

No one has an answer.

I couldn’t get any real answers at the doctor’s office.

I started to really fast and pray that I could find a solution.

A few things happened that have led me to a new-ish path.

First, my son dropped 71 pounds by being himself, an obsessed, crazed individual. When he decides to focus on something there is no half way. He decided to get healthy. He started measuring and weighing everything he consumed. He cut all processed foods, sugars, and all foods that he can’t personally measure with exactness. He tried to keep his diet balanced by eating the Food Pyramid suggested servings, also with exactness. He started exercising several hours a day (he goes on walks to Salem and back or 50 mile bike rides in the middle of night).

Now, I don’t think it is realistic for me to do what he’s done. I have to cater to his every need, not to mention the needs of the other people in the house. There is now room in my day for a 2 hour walk or run or bike ride. I’m lucky to get 15 minutes on the treadmill without someone demanding something from me. I have extra people some days and a Lilli at home every day, so leaving for exercise is not always an option. I also ache in my joints and my Achilles tendon is constantly swollen (no answers on that one but rest).

However, I might be able to do the food thing a little. Still, measuring and obsessing over every little calorie doesn’t sound fun. Plus, I’m still trying to make food for several other people. Making 5 or 6 meals every meal to meet the needs and wants of every person that lives in my house also does not fit into my day.

Then I saw a friend mention “clean eating” on Facebook. I was interested, but I didn’t do anything…. Yet.

Finally, I made an appointment with a doctor of Chinese medicine. I figure, I tried the traditional American route, I could now try something outside the box.

My first visit went well. (long. 2 hours of questions and answers and tests.) She tested me for lots of things, including revisiting allergies. I could only tolerate 6 allergy tests in my first visit. I “red flagged” all 6. I can now add cane sugar, corn sugar (corn syrup), non-organic eggs (my chickens are ok because we don’t give then steroids and stuff) and man-made vitamin-C to my list. Holy cow! At this rate I won’t be eating. That ought to help in weight loss. LOL.

She uses acupuncture to help the body heal from the effects of the allergens. She said that being overweight is an inflammatory disease. I am inflamed. LOL. Sounds funny. Still… makes sense. At least it’s a direction.

It will be a long process of acupuncture – maybe as long as a year – but I am hopeful it will kick start my body into doing what it needs to to release my weight.

I had my first “needle” experience and it was ok. I actually felt better. I’ve been sleeping better and my head is finally coming out of a fog.

As for food and allergies… it turns out that I am mostly reacting to all the genetic changes science has made to food over the years. I am allergic to science! I knew it! What can a person do that is allergic to the “new” wheat, and the “new” corn, etc. ? Then I remembered reading the post about clean eating.

When I got home I started researching clean eating.

In a nutshell... clean foods are those that are in their natural state. No high fructose corn syrup, no msg, no refined sugars or flours, processed, prepackaged foods. If you want a quick read on the ins and outs, I recommend “The Eat Clean Diet” by Tosca Reno. If you want a more in depth look, yet easy to read, I recommend “This is Why You're Fat” by Jackie Warner (although I probably would title it, “This is why you're Unhealthy, Tired, sickly... etc... but that's not as catchy:)

Jackie goes more into the details of how things affect your hormone levels that affect your energy levels, sleep cycles, weight, health, etc.

I decided to give “clean” eating a try. I will have to visit Market of Choice more often in my shopping. I may need to have to take longer in meal planning. I will have to get my family to co-operate.

... thus this new blog obsession is born. Instead of blogging my salads for one year, I am going to blog my “clean eating recipes each day. Hopefully I will discover new ways of looking at food. Hopefully, we will all enjoy a new variety of foods and we will all feeling much better. Hopefully, our moods will be more stable (which is saying a lot in our passionate, emotional household full of teenagers and pre-teen little balls of hormonal people!).

Here I go on yet one more ride seeking health that has forever eluded me.

Follow me if you want to see how it goes.


  1. Wendy, I had the achilles heel inflammation too, but the global blend juice or powder I've been taking from xyngular (really strong antioxidants) really really helped my aches, pains & swollen achilles.

    Good luck & willpower with your new journey! :)

  2. Rooting for you all the way! Clean eating/Paleo style eating is extremely good for you! I am planning on following suit! Hugs!


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