Sunday, September 16, 2012

Book of Mormon Study - 3 Nephi 15

In chapter 11 it says the Nephites "did open their ears" so they could hear the voice of God and what was being said. Now, here in verse 1 He acknowledges that "Behold ye have heard the things which I taught..."

Nice!  That's like saying, "Well done!"  But there is more!

They opened their ears and heard, and understood, what the Savior said.

According to the Savior, the next step is to remember. The final step is to do.

1. Listen.
2. Remember.
3. Do

Duh!  I can't tell you how often I forget the whole process!  This is what enduring is all about!  It is finishing.  It is doing something about our faith and our knowledge.

That's the pattern to success in the gospel, and in life.

I love learning about the house of Israel in the Old Testament. I taught the Old Testament last year in seminary, and it is fascinating for me to learn about Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph; to see how the covenant which the Savior talks about here in the Book of Mormon, was made; to read about the rise and fall of the physical house of Israel; how Lehi was of the tribe of Joseph of the house of Israel (one of the few) who lived in the kingdom of Judah (Jerusalem) when he was led out (therefore he and his posterity wrote the Book of Mormon, or the Stick of Joseph), etc.

I also love to learn about the law of Moses, which the Nephites practiced, as well as the Jews, until the time of the Savior's coming.

I love to learn about these things because this is my family, my hertiage- our heritage. When I was baptized, I wasn't just baptized into 'the Church'. I was baptized into the family and covenant of Abraham (the covenant which Jesus speaks of in this chapter.) Their choices waaay back then matter to me, because they are my family, and I am a part of it.

That makes the scriptures real to me.

I live in a time where the Law of Moses was fulfilled. The purpose of the law was to give the people smaller daily tasks, routines and rituals to keep them focused on the Savior until He came. The Nephites must have lived the law of Moses correctly- they recognized the Savior when he came. The Jews, not so much. They were unrighteous and could not understand. They 'missed the mark' so much so that they crucified their own Savior. These were people who lived their version of the Law of Moses to the T- and law that they had twisted and added to over thousands of years. The leaders changed it, the followers accepted the change, and they missed the mark.

When the Savior came, there was no reason for the tasks, routines and rituals, because He was here. He fulfilled that law. Now he asked them to keep his commandments and live a higher law. The Jews didn't see it. These people did.

The Jews didn't hear it. These people did. And I hope I do, too.

What did you learn?

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