Friday, September 21, 2012

Book of Mormon Study - 3 Nephi 19

I love that the people HAD to share!

Verse 3: they "did labor exceedingly all that night, that they might be on the morrow in the place where Jesus should show himself unto the multitude."

They made sure they were going to see the Savior and they invited everyone to join them!  These people understood the spirit of missionary work!

When we know we must share!

I have to examine my own efforts.  Do I labor exceedingly to be close to the Savior?  Do I labor exceedingly to invite others to know him?

They worked and sacrificed because they knew where the Savior would be and they wanted to be near to Him. I know that He wants me to be near to Him in a spiritual sense. I know where He is, and how to get to Him, but how hard do I try to be there?  How hard do I try to invite others to join me?

Food for thought.

I am also impressed that one of their greatest desires was to have the gift of the Spirit.

I love the Holy Ghost. I love what He does, and who He does it for. We learn a lot about the Holy Ghost in this chapter. I especially love verse 28, where they were purified by the Holy Ghost. Beautiful event!

I thought it was interesting how the Savior had the disciples pray, He would go off to pray, then come back to see if they were still doing what He had asked. Every time He returned He found that they still were, and every time He saw that, He blessed them more. They were transfigured (28), purified by the Holy Ghost (28), He smiled upon them (30), and then He prayed a prayer that was so great that it could not be repeated.

And it was all because of their faith (28).

I do love in verse 30 where He smiles upon them. I'd like to think that I live my life in such a way that He smiles upon me, too.

What dod you learn?

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