Monday, September 24, 2012

Book of Mormon Study - 3 Nephi 22

Some of these Isiah chapters are hard to focus on and to understand.  I find that this chapter has a bit of a comforting tone. A couple times the Lord says, "It's gonna hurt, but just for a little bit. It's going to be okay." I know He is referring to the Last Days, the gospel, the gathering of Israel, and such, but I think we can take this in a more personal approach.

Sometimes we have to struggle and we have to feel pain. It's the price of growth.

Darn it!  Many days I'm tired of the struggle.

In those times I find it hard to feel happy about things. Sometimes I even feel abandoned, like God has forsaken me. I find myself asking, "Why did God let this happen?"

There isn't a standard answer for every person and situation- we are all so different in our needs, choices and experiences. When there are times that I feel like I'm struggling, it's nice to be reminded that God is aware of my issues even if He doesn't grant immediate relief. Intellectually I understand that the struggle can be for my benefit, my good. And I know that He is still by my side saying, "It's gonna hurt, but just for a little bit. It's going to be okay."  I also have come to the conclutuion that in some cases me may not get to feel peace until we've moved on... Still.. He says, "I know it's going to hurt, but it will be ok."


Then comes the wait.

I love verse 13: And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children.

I want this to be true.  Some children make it harder thatn others.

I feel that best thing I can do for my kids is to teach them of the Lord. And that's what I've tried to do. sometimes I get through... other times I don't.  I only have a few years with these people.  Then they go off on their own (two have moved out already).   My job used to be taking care of them. Now my job is to teach them to live without me (for day-to-day living.) That includes cooking, cleaning, working - which they all hate. It also (and has always) included me doing my best to help them to have a relationship with Heavenly Father.

When they move away I won't be there to remind them to pray, or to head up family prayer, scripture study, take them to church, etc. They will need to take responsibility for their relationship with God and the Savior, because that is what is going to help them most through this life.

Fertile, prepared ground and seeds for such eternal relationships with Deity were the greatest gifts my parents gave me. Right behind that (if they can even be separated) was their love.

Beautiful chapter.

What did you learn?

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