Friday, September 28, 2012

More policitcal rants

I orginally wrote this paragraph in my previous post.  However, my husband pointed out that it  didn't really fit there.  Thus I rant in a new post.

I'd like to know why so many believe the government should be the ultimate provider of everything we need.  

Personally, I believe that we need a smaller government.  Help for others still needs to happen, but it needs to happen because we truly care for others not because it is mandated. 

Yes, everyone deserves to eat.  However, please explain to me why my taxpaying, community volunteering family eats peanut butter and jelly and the person in line in front of me at the grocery store, who I know personally and who I know for a fact doesn’t make an effort to get a job buys steak, lobster, and fresh veggies courtesy of those who do pay (oh… that would be those evil rich people - those rich people). 

Yes, everyone deserve to have health care.  Could you please explain to me why I pay for insurance and I can’t get an appointment at Kaiser Permanente and if I could, I couldn’t afford my co-pay and the person on Welfare can get all the health care and dental they need… free… oh and my health insurance is more expensive each year.  Can you explain why I haven’t been to the dentist in years because I can’t afford it, even with insurance? 

Still… I believe that people need care so I give away my time, 1st aid supplies, oils etc on a weekly basis in order for people to feel better.  I give a snack to nearly every person I can when I see them on the corner. I feed multiple people a week who are not in my family.  Even better, I work to teach others to care for themselves and to contribute to the world.  I believe that is really caring for the poor.

So.... can anyone tell me what's so great about big government?  I ddin't think so.


  1. Amen to ALL of the above. Most of all, thank you for caring for me as you do. I care for you, too. Wish I had more talents to show you such care. Hug!

  2. We love and appreciate EVERYTHING you do for us. We would be lost without you and your precious gifts and PATIENCE that you continue to share with us. If we dont tell/show you enough, we will work harder!