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The Week at the Boyack's - Week 12

cool picture from Chad's senior picture shoot
I completely forgot that Friday I canned 80 pounds of chicken… just so McKay could take some with her. . Friday night my date was Ben. Hannah was doing spot… John and Lilli were hiking and camping… Chad and McKay went to separate parties… and Kimber and Ray needed a date. I have to say that at 7:30pm Ben does not like his Granny. I am sure glad he likes me the rest of the hours of the day. I’m at that stage in life where I’ve become one of the dumbest people on the planet… Parent of a teen. Just ask the teens of the world… LOL.

This is my favorite picture of Chad.
Then Sunday was my annual Seminary Sundae. I’ve done this fireside for years. It’s a great way to get kids signed up for seminary, answer parent questions, and get people excited. This year I will have around 21-23 kids to learn about the New Testament. I am so excited to teach about the Savior’s life! This year I also have a new teacher to teach with. Her name is Becca Scott and she is working on her masters. She will teach the junior and senior class while I cover the freshman sophomore class. I am hopeful that this year will be far smoother than last year and the kids will feel loved… especially that they will feel the Savior’s love for them. I think it started well. I already spoiled them with brownie sundaes!

Chad's race
Monday was spent cleaning things up… teaching Lilli school… marking my new scriptures with all 100 SM… that took me all afternoon.

The finish line
Tuesday we did a little school and I adjusted the whole Isakson family and Aria and Megan. I did tons of laundry and tried, in vain, to clean up the house. That evening I went to a booster club meeting. Meanwhile, John went to work and spent most of his time getting ready for his big Idaho hiking trip. McKay took Hannah shopping and Chad went to running practice.

Wednesday John went off to work and then to the airport. He went Idaho on some hike with his brother-in-law. We haven’t heard from him since. Hope he’s ok. I guess his adventure will have to be reported in next week’s report.

Chad wearing Hannah's Party Pants.  I have no idea why they are called party pants.
Seriously… the week was boring until Thursday. Chad ran another race. He is getting faster and faster. I think he will have a great cross country season. Chad was even convinced to take “senior pictures”. After trying on Hannah’s “party pants” he agreed to go with Shar Wight. McKay and Hannah went along with and made it a party. They got some great pictures!

Myles took McKay by surprise!
McKay took him to his race. She took Kimber and Ben along for the ride too. While they were gone, Myles walked in. He wasn’t expected for another couple of hours. He had been “lying” to her all day about where he was. Teeheehee. While we waited for McKay and the others to return home, Myles and I chatted and watched a really lame movie. We had fun making of the movie. Finally, the moment came. Chad came in and started chatting while McKay went to the bathroom. We were all in my room waiting. Eventually, she waltzed through me room on route to my bathroom. She was texting Myles and didn’t even notice Myles. I had to say her name to get her to even turn in my directions. Then she screamed! I was ready with a camera.

Friday I was up early for a seminary meeting and got a visit in with Julie Mead before McKay and Myles headed off to Corvallis to take engagement pictures. Hannah went too. They were gone longer than I thought they would be. Kimber waited all afternoon and evening to say goodbye. I wasn’t feeling well so I was asleep before they returned. I sure hope Kimber got the chance to say goodbye.

McKay kicking the "CAN".  Her entire life fit into that little car.

goodbye McKay

Early Saturday morning McKay and Myles climbed into his “CAN” (car+van) and drove away. (weird to see a person’s entire life stuffed into one small car). Lilli didn’t want them to go. Chad stayed in bed. Kimber and Ray had gone to the beach with the rest of the Jessops. Only Hannah, Lilli, and I got to wave as they drove off down the road. I was grateful that the day was my friend Rachel’s birthday. I needed a distraction and drove to Salem to give her a present. I then had a therapy appointment for my sore Achilles before heading home again to do chores. That evening I went to dinner and to see HMS Pinafore with my friend Megan.

I couldn't resist adding a picture of Ben getting to play in the sand for the first time.... even if I wasn't there.
I am grateful that I found ways to serve and to play on a day that was tough. I have to say I was a little ticked at John over this little vacation. It’s not that I don’t want him to have a vacation, I just think the timing was very poor. Why this weekend? I didn’t want to face this week on my own. At least I learned that I can face things on my own. Not only that, but I am jealous how much time and effort and excitement he put into this little adventure. He prepped for weeks. He was so ready. He packed late into the night, night after night. For our last family vacation he didn’t really help prepare or pack. He didn’t even get time off, so I had to go alone! Gah! Oh well. The good news is that we don’t vacation often, so this frustration will not be often.

Sunday we learned that a dear family friend passed away. He was in such pain. I am glad he is free from that now. However, my heart aches for his family and dear ones that are sad and who now mourn. I am grateful for the Plan and for the Savior who brings peace to the troubled soul.


  1. Love the "lying" surprise...Must say that they are my favorite kind. :o)
    Wish I could've been with you on Saturday (darn football...)
    Tonight we went and sang for G'ma and G'pa Hunter. I am a Child of God and Love at Home (English and Samoan) It was nice. The Gospel is true. The Plan of Salvation is real and wonderful. Love ya!


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