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The Week at The Boyack's - Week 14

This week I did a lousy job taking pictures.  I didn't really get any.  We didn't do too many extra things to make the week exciting.  Hannah went to school, play practice and her final week of HMS Pinafore at Pentacle Theater.  For the last 4 weeks I've been bugging her to take pictures of her running the spot and of her friends at the theater.  What did I get?  A big, fat nothing!  The bum.  So you will all have to imagine Hannah did the spot and that she made new friends and she got real tired.  Saturday was the last night.  Now she may be able to get her homework done before 10 each night.

In fact, the only pictures I have of Hannah now a days are the pictures I steal off of Facebook from her friends.  LOL.  She is rarely home.  but I think she is liking full time school so far.  At least she looks happy.  I think she likes seeing her friends everyday.  She likes going to lunch with Sai.  I don't think she misses her mom yet... but I know she will someday, even if it is during her college years.  I can tell you that I miss her at home!  She has a calming effect on everyone else.

This week Chad reached the official 6 months mark from the day he started his "new" life plan.  To mark the day, he and Kimber posted this before and after picture on Facebook.  It is pretty amazing when you see the difference.  71 pounds is a ton of weight to drop in 6 months.  In some ways I am jealous.  In other ways I worry about his health and well being.  There is no half way with Chad.  It is always "all or nothing."  Lilli did her school all week and helped her friend Jocelin at her garage sale.  I was busy on the set of Little Mermaid and didn't get to take a picture of her waving a sign to attract customers or of the water fight at the end of the day.  She was completely soaked when I picked her up at the end of the day.

I tried something new too.  I went to Portland to see a Chinese medicine doctor.  I tried acupuncture.  It wasn't bad.  I couldn't feel the needles... until about 15 minutes into the treatment.  Then they felt like they were on FIRE!  Although I didn't have any needles on my face, I developed a rash on my cheeks and forehead.  It is gone now.  It sure was uncomfortable.  All my bodily fluids made that rash very uncomfortable.  And this morning I even noticed a couple small marks where the needles were and this was several days later!  I have to say I think it is helping.  I've been sleeping better and I even seem to be thinking a little more clearly.  I am very hopeful that this new and expensive approach will bring about some much need and WANTED change.

Going hand in hand with a new doctor approach, I am also starting a new eating habit and blogging obsession.  I am adding to the list of things my body doesn't tolerate and I've decided to try something called "clean eating".  I am hoping that it too will bring about more health to this tired old body.  It can't hurt.  Maybe writing about it all will help me stay focused.

Friday was a home football game.  I didn't go.  Chad went and sang the National Anthem with his choir.  He dressed up as a super fan.  The team lost, so Chad didn't have to do too many push ups.  I hear that Chad even got Kimber to do push ups as a super fan.  Jo was nice enough to send me a picture of the singing for my blog.  Kimber and Ben have been coming in the afternoons so that I can help at play rehearsal.  It's fun to come home to them playing here.  Ray is working more, so we don't see him much.  We did get to babysit Ben on Saturday so that Kimber and Ray could go to the temple.  I don't know why I didn't break out a camera then.  Lazy, I guess.

Saturday Chad had another race near Mollala.  John went to watch.  Chad did great!  He bested his personal record by more than 2 minutes!  He was pretty proud of his efforts!  I sure wish he appreciated his dad's efforts to support him.  Maybe it's a teen thing.  I remember my siblings missing the efforts of my dad.  I am sure I am guilty too.  Why did we do that.  Dad's are doing their best.  Kids.  Can't shoot them.  Can't live with them.  It's a miracle they grow up to be adults.

McKay and Myles had an exciting week, what with hospital visits and close encounters with cement walls.  You should read her blog for the dirt in New Mexico.

That is all pretty cool.  The only thing I'd really change about the week is the attitude of the people around me.  Everyone is short tempered.  Chad is the leader in the grouch competition.  Today, as an example, he's yelled at John for trying to help him with his math.  Of course, John didn't really know how to do the problem, but he was trying.  Then Chad was crabby because "someone touched" his stuff.  It was where he left it.  John was crabby because he was yelled at and unappreciated.  Lilli was crabby because she couldn't find the e-mail from McKay and John grumped at her.  I can tell you it is very hard to get seminary studied for and planned with all the crabbing going on around here.  Oh well... Tomorrow begins a new week.  Maybe it will be a better one... and maybe I'll actually take some pictures.


  1. In the "Chad-as-a-super-fan" photo, he is the white shirt with red bandana and cape. They sounded great and I felt very irreverent silently strolling closer to them to try and get a decent photo. Is it a national law that we have to stand completely still during the singing of the National Anthem? Just checking. :o) Glad the acupuncture is going well. Hugs!


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