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The Week at the Boyack's - Week 15

This week has been an unusual week.  We all did school.  We all did work.  We all got involved in our various activities.  Once again, I wasn't very good about taking pictures.  I guess I just think that we are too boring and don't really have a ton to show the world.  Then Kimber sent me these pictures of Chad from the past Friday night football game.

Chad has joined the "super Fans" of CHS football.  He even came up with a costume... my red bandanna... Lillian's Cheer Camp shirt... a scrap of red fabric from my sewing room... Raymond's red socks... and my mascara under his eyes.  At the games he acts like a nut.  He does push ups when the team scores.  He hasn't done many push ups because they haven't been scoring.  He didn't go to this weeks game because it was in Scappouse and his practice went long.  The team lost.

Case has been playing hard and getting ornery.  He is pick about what he eats.  He throws fights when things don't go his way.  He's been hitting people when that happens.  Check out how dirty he is.  This dirt was left over AFTER he washed for lunch.  It's gross.

Chad had another race this week.  This race was at Willamette Mission Park just north of Kaiser.  I went to this race.  I just left play practice early and went to support the kid.  I observed that he is one friendly kid.  He struck up conversations with kids all around him.  He even made sure he hooked up with Kellon
s little brother.

He isn't the fastest guy on the team so he has to start the race a row or two behind the faster people.  I don't see how they all run.  I'd think you'd be stepped on... a little like a stampede.    Still, his start was ok.

His time wasn't as fast as last week.  He still came in 4th on his team and had 2 guys from his team come in behind him.  He handled the disappointment pretty well.  I like this running sport because I get to see my kid participate at every event.  There is no standing around on the side lines.  We got the chance to talk to his coach too.  The coach is very impressed with Chad.  Actually, who isn't.  Losing 71 pounds and taking up running is a pretty amazing feat.  Now, to get him to apply that kind of determination and self control in other areas of his life... like his chores... his family relationships... his school work... and...

Friday my friend Shar came and we painted the bathroom.  It's been 8 years with brown.  I was ready for something a little more bright.  Chad doesn't like it.  He really doesn't like me to change the house.  Remember how he threw a fit because we put in a sidewalk and got rid of the dangerous rock path?  Well... the same rebellion has risen again about my bathroom.

I like it.  Besides, it's my bathroom.  I know he'd like to claim it, but it is just off my bedroom.  He won't use the family bathroom... only the master bath.  It drives me nuts.  I am the only person who cleans it.  I'd like to be the one that dirties it.  LOL.  Maybe the girly color purple will encourage him to use the other bathroom.  It's not like he won't be sharing with the same amount of people.

Shar did most of the work because I taught school and helped a few people.  The kids had a great time "air" painting the rest of the house.  Lilli got to slop on a little paint in the bathroom too.  She does make a good helper when she chooses to help.

Meanwhile, there was a small disaster in the kitchen.  I was standing there doing dishes and suddenly felt my toes become very warm and very wet.  I wondered why there was no water pressure.  The problem?  The hose on the kitchen faucet had ruptured.  John came home from work and tore into it.  It took both of us to get the old faucet off the sink.  He was up until after 1am working on it.  Good thing too.  Dishes can really stack up around here.

Saturday we all worked on projects.  I went to the HS most of the day and worked on the play.  I had wanted to finish the bathroom when I got home at 3 but John had the ladder.  Instead, I planned the week's menu and cleaned up after the people that had stayed home.  Eventually, I made dinner and went shopping.  Although Hannah had rehearsal, she came home to "do homework".  Look closely at the picture and you will see how that homework went.

Meanwhile, Chad watched football... ALL DAY LONG.  It is amazing how he can get up on time to watch the good games and we struggle to get him up for school.  Let's just say he doesn't burn many calories on a Saturday.

John worked some more on the front porch.  This has been many weeks in the making.  He wrapped all the poles with wood.  He caulked all the cracks.  Be chased out all the bees.  He took out the bird's nest. and he started to paint.

Lillian helped him too.  They didn't finish.  The porch is still covered in plastic.  My swing is still in the yard.  but most of the porch and trim are now white.  There is still touch up to do so all the plastic will stay until next weekend.  Visitors will still need to navigate through a maze of tools and trash to get to the door.  But it looks nice.  I can't wait until it's done.  I wonder what this next week will be bring.


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