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Book of Mormon Study - Ether 7

Today is a short day...

It's amazing to me the patience the Lord has with His people. After all the fighting, killing and wickedness, when they repented, they were spared. Interesting how he didn't say they were forgiven, just spared.

I wonder if that was done on purpose. What do you think?

The week at the Boyacks - Week 20

It is almost Halloween.  Time for pumpkin carving.  :)  I was teaching all Monday afternoon and evening (as I usually do on Mondays) so Kimber and Ray Packed up Case, Lillian, Hannah and Chad and headed for a pumpkin patch.  Kimber's "young married" friends were having a FHE activity gathering pumpkins and carving them.  They were planning on doing the dirty deed at my house because my dining area is bigger than everyone else's kitchen areas.
One small problem... they got a late start.  The pumpkin patch was closed.  so they packed back into the Suburban and headed for the next best place... Roth's Pumpkin Patch!  LOL.  If you ask me it is the best of all worlds.  Decent prices on pumpkins... no mud... They provide "wagons" to cart things in... and to have rides on...
Everyone was happy.  They were able to get a pumpkin for everyone.  They could even "ride" the farm animals... LOLOLOL!
Back at my house they started making a mess.Ray and Kimber&#…

Book of Mormon Study - Ether 6

In Ether 6, the Jaredites finally board the 8 small ships and make the 344 day journey to the promised land.

Verse 2- "...the Lord prepared the stones which the brother of Jared had carried up into the mount..."

Teamwork. The brother of Jared and the Lord worked together. I love when I feel I am truly working in concert with the Lord. I wish I felt like that more often.

I think sometimes it's easy to think of God and Jesus Christ as just hanging out in heaven, watching everything go by. But, they are actively, and physically, working for us. They want to help us, to guide us, and to work side by side with us as we achieve our shared goal: our eternal life. I also think it is me that distances myself from them. If only I took more advantage of the Lord’s desire to help me. LOL.

While the Lord is working on His side, he fully expects us to be working on our side: always actively engaged in a good cause, bettering ourselves and helping others, prioritizing our time and fulf…

Book of Mormon Study - Ether 4

I just realised something!

The story of the brother of Jared was sealed up until men walked the earth once again that had faith as he did. We have the record, so that tells us there are men- and women- that have exceeding great faith.

Holy Cow!  Isn't that great?!

It's exciting. It's exciting to me because I believe in the concept that faith preceded the miracle. If there are men and women of faith, then there are miracles.

The Book of Mormon is a miracle in and of itself. But there are others miracles all around. I've seen them and felt them in my life. And, even though the wickedness is getting worse in the days, righteousness and faith are growing stronger too. And miracles will continue to happen.


Book of Mormon Study - Ether 3

What an amazing experience, to see the Lord face to face and talk with Him. I thought it interesting that the brother of Jared wasn't 100% righteous, but his faith was strong. The brother of Jared saw the Savior because of that faith- not because he was so righteous and didn't make mistakes.

I wonder if I could do that?

I think sometimes we look at our mistakes and think they define us. True, as we become more like our Savior, we make better choices on the whole, but we will never be perfect in this life. But- we can have amazing faith, even when we are imperfect. Well.... I'd like to believe that.  In fact, it's because we are imperfect that we need to have faith, for that's the only way we can use the power of the Atonement in our lives.

It all comes to faith.

Cleaning the Mirror and Spreading the Light.

In my journey to better health I've decided to further explore the benefits of yoga.

This week I found this great quote, "Yoga lifestyle is a life of balance between "cleaning the mirror" and "spreading the Light".


This is a principle I've always known but haven't applied it in this manner.

Once a young lady (cheesy grin) wanted to know the meaning of life and a higher purpose. She searched high and low; she took classes and read books; but still, she could not quite grasp it.

One day, she went to hear a Master speak. (ok... she was reading her scriptures).  At the end of the lecture, the young lady asked: "Could you please explain the meaning of life and tell me why I can't achieve what I seek to achieve?"

The audience (I'm imagining angels here) chuckled at the eternal question. The Master replied: "That's a very good question. I have the answer right here in my bag." He took out a small mirror, captured a ray…

Book of Mormon Study - Ether 2

“In many ways the Book of Ether could be considered a mini book of Mormon”

Ether 2:7–12 fits the pattern of a covenant, with God promising specific blessings if the people do certain things.

God’s Promises to the People

• He will give them the land as a land of promise (see Ether 2:7, 9; see also 2 Nephi 1:5–7).
• They will be free from the bondage and captivity of all other nations (see Ether 2:12).

God’s Expectations for the People

• They must repent of their iniquity (see Ether 2:11).
• They must serve Jesus Christ, “the God of the land” (Ether 2:12; see vv.8–12).
The pattern is so recognizable…a people that were lead away from a wicked society; lead to a promised land; crossed the ocean in a ship which was built by a special design revealed by God; in the promised land they multiplied and broke into a righteous group and a wicked group; they had prophets and righteous leaders; both had a period of peace for about 225 years, then a time of constant warfare and secret combinati…

Book of Mormon Study - Ether 1

I do love the story of Jared, his brother and their people!

It is interesting to note that the Lord didn't just hand over all the answers. He didn't just snap his fingers and POOF they awoke in the promised land. To obtain the blessings the Lord did provide, it took work on their part.

First,both Jared and the brother of Jared worked at being men highly favored of the Lord. We can assume that meant they were aware of the gospel and was obedient to the commandments. WE can assume that Jared followed and trusted his priesthood leaders.  We can also assume that prayer was a part of their daily lives, since Jared knew the his brother would be able to inquire of the Lord and get an answer. The brother of Jared put in work to become that way.  Jared put in work to believe.

Next, when the brother of Jared wanted something, he didn't put for a half-hearted effort to mutter a prayer under his breath during his commute to work or something. No, he 'did cry unto the Lord.' He…

Week at the Boyack's - Week 19

This week is more about events than about day to day activities.  By far, the high light of my week was my surprise "Day Off" on Thursday.  I came home from Seminary and started entering my attendance in the computer.  I noticed I had a Facebook message.  It was John.  He declared it my day off.  My response was to Facebook him back (yes, he was just in the other room, but he started it) that I had many responsibilities and couldn't possibly do "nothing" for the day.  However, I decided to play along.  It turns out that he had arranged for Kimber to hang out with all the little people.  I contacted students and rescheduled.  He had even called Jeff Witt and arranged for me to be a little late to the Little Mermaid performance.  We went in search of a Trader Joe's and didn't find one until we got to the Portland area.  All the way I was think, "please don't let it be something lame."
Let's face it, John and I don't always think the s…