Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Book of Mormon Study - 3 Nephi 28

This would be the coolest General Conference!  Can you imagine watching this intimate and sweet last meeting between the Savior and His disciples? 

The Savior went to each disciple, personally, and asked them what they desired of Him. Nine of them wanted their lives prolonged so they could be a tool in His hands ministering to the people. Then, at the end of their sojourn, they would go speedily too meet the Savior in Heaven.

But three of them desired to never leave this earth. They wanted so badly to be an instrument in His hands- forever. They were changed physically, that they might be able to stay on the earth until He comes again. They feel no pain, no temptation. Interesting that these changes were brought about by the power of sanctification- a principle I wish I understood more about.

I wonder what I would have asked the Savior for...

Hmmm.... sanctification...

I know sanctification comes through the Atonement. It is the process in which we are freed from sin, becoming pure and holy. In that respect, their Calling and Election was made sure at that moment. They had the privilege of living here in the world, but not of the world, in every sense.

Ah... sweet peace.
That doesn't mean the Three Nephites had it easy. They weren't believed, they were thrown into prison, fires, etc. But, they served, and still do.

... or was it peace...

There is so much to consider.
The story and reality of the Three Nephites has always intrigued me. It is the stuff of Mormon legend. 
It will be fascinating to someday see all the work they had done, and the lives they had touched, mostly without the knowledge of the people they were in contact with.

Then the legends will be real... not some crazy stories we all like to pass around around a campfire.  LOL.

What did you learn?

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