Thursday, October 25, 2012

Book of Mormon Study - Ether 3

What an amazing experience, to see the Lord face to face and talk with Him. I thought it interesting that the brother of Jared wasn't 100% righteous, but his faith was strong. The brother of Jared saw the Savior because of that faith- not because he was so righteous and didn't make mistakes.

I wonder if I could do that?

I think sometimes we look at our mistakes and think they define us. True, as we become more like our Savior, we make better choices on the whole, but we will never be perfect in this life. But- we can have amazing faith, even when we are imperfect. Well.... I'd like to believe that.  In fact, it's because we are imperfect that we need to have faith, for that's the only way we can use the power of the Atonement in our lives.

It all comes to faith.

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