Monday, October 29, 2012

Book of Mormon Study - Ether 6

In Ether 6, the Jaredites finally board the 8 small ships and make the 344 day journey to the promised land.

Verse 2- "...the Lord prepared the stones which the brother of Jared had carried up into the mount..."

Teamwork. The brother of Jared and the Lord worked together. I love when I feel I am truly working in concert with the Lord. I wish I felt like that more often.

I think sometimes it's easy to think of God and Jesus Christ as just hanging out in heaven, watching everything go by. But, they are actively, and physically, working for us. They want to help us, to guide us, and to work side by side with us as we achieve our shared goal: our eternal life. I also think it is me that distances myself from them. If only I took more advantage of the Lord’s desire to help me. LOL.

While the Lord is working on His side, he fully expects us to be working on our side: always actively engaged in a good cause, bettering ourselves and helping others, prioritizing our time and fulfilling our duties, and seeking Him for guidance. Our work and efforts, if righteous, will be consecrated for our good. So… there’s my problem. LOL.

This chapter is awesome. There is much symbolism in this chapter between their journey to the promised land and our journey to The Promised Land (celestial glory and exaltation).

Jaredite Journey:

Ether 6:4 - The Brother of Jared and his people did all they could do to prepare for their journey to the promised land. Their efforts qualified them to receive help from the Lord.

Our Journey:

2 Nephi 24:23- “It is by grace that we are saved, after all we can do.”

Jaredite Journey:

Ether 6:5 - Jaredites were moved through the waters by the power of God.

Our Journey:

We cannot gain heaven by ourselves; we must have the power of God to help move us along our journey.

Jaredtie Journey:

Ether 6:5-6- The Jaredites had to pass through the water to reach the promised land.

Our Journey:

2 Nephi 9:23 - we must pass through the waters of baptism to attain celestial glory.

Jaredite journey:

Ether 6:9 - The Jaredites did sing and praise God continually.

Our Journey:

D&C 59:21 - One very important character trait that we must possess is that of gratitude to God. It is a fact that gratitude not only makes our journey bearable, but also enjoyable.

Jaredite Journey:

Ether 3:6- Jaredites needed light provided by the lord to complete their journey safely.

Our Journey:

We must have the “light” of Christ in our life if we are to safely and successfully complete our journey.

This journey is not easy. Ask Jared and his family, as they were tossed in the deep of the sea.

But, they had eternal perspective.

When we are thrashed about in the waves of life, can we do that, too? Can I?

I hope so.

So… here is the challenge… find joy and express gratitude today for whatever this day will bring - let the light of the gospel guide your path today; strengthen your testimony of the Book of Mormon by sharing it today with someone.

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