Monday, October 8, 2012

Book of Mormon Study - Mormon 1

Mormon inspires me!!!  Mormon was a child, and man, of great character. He was fifteen years old when he was visited by the Lord. Can you imagine that? That is the age of many of my seminary students!  And then not be able to talk about it?

I can't imagine my students having this kind of faith.   Today we had a Conference review.  I was surprised how many of the students didn't listen to or watch conference.  I was surprised that many of my students had flippant attitudes about listening.  I was sad.  They are missing out on so much!

Then I read about the young Mormon in my personal study this morning.

The thing that caught my interest was the effect of the loss of the Holy Ghost. The people had no gifts of the Spirit. Faith, charity, testimony, love, strength, gifts of tongues, teaching, etc. None of these were found among the people. No wonder they were in such a poor state.

No wonder our world is in the same state.  My heart aches for the youth, especially, that are missing just how much they need the holy ghost to be with them every day!

Things are changing quickly.  There is little time to "figure" things out.  We must act NOW.  We must strengthen faith NOW.

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