Sunday, October 21, 2012

Book of Mormon Study - Mormon 8

It makes me sad that Mormon died at the hands of the Lamanites. And now his son, Moroni, is alone. And for all he knows - and for all we know - he would die the same fate. And yet, he never once cursed the heavens about life not being fair.

That's amazing to me. His entire family is killed off. He is alone, spared only to hide and chip a few words onto hard plates. And still he glorifies God.

Would I do the same?

He is amazing, just like his father.

He had faith in the purposes of God, and knew that no man could stop God's work. Even death is not a deterrent to His work. Mormon and Moroni both knew it.

I hope to have faith that strong someday... every day.

Moroni starts his contribution to the Book of Mormon with a bang. He says pointedly, "I've see you guys. You're messed up, except for just a few of you. Wise up, or you're in deep trouble." I am paraphrasing, of course.

I do believe he did see our day- and did an amazing job of describing it. We really do live in a wicked time. It's scary. There are no viscous Lamanites trying to kill us, but our enemies are just as dangerous, or perhaps even more. They are harder to recognize, and more deadly. For it's not just our physical death they are striving for, but our spiritual death.

Spiritual life is eternal life. Mormon and Moroni knew that physical death was just a "transfer" to another state of being. It was spiritual life and/death that mattered. It was their faith and their testimonies they knew were essential to protect- that no one could take from them.

As we approach to last days many worry about natural disasters and calamities, the economy and illnesses. They pray that God will keep them safe and well, and say that if He doesn't, their faith will be weakened. It is easy to read about faith in the face of mortal danger when it's nearly two thousand years ago, but when we are faced with the possibility that our faith may night save our mortal lives- well, it isn't as easy.

Each day I pray for the strength of faith in all physical circumstances. I hope I will never doubt the Lord, even in times of extreme pain and peril.

I pray that I can be like Mormon and Moroni, and truly have the eternal perspective.

What did you learn?

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