Monday, October 22, 2012

Book of Mormon Study - Mormon 9

This is one of my favorite verses:

26. And now, behold, who can stand against the works of the Lord?  Who can deny his sayings? Who will rise up against the almighty power of the Lord? Who will despise the works of the Lord? Who will despise the children of Christ? Behold, all ye who are despisers of the works of the Lord, for ye shall wonder and perish.

Some might find this a little odd. Well, to me it's not. I can imagine Moroni standing before a crowd and speaking these words with passion. They are clear in message and moving.

That was his message to those who didn't believe.

He also wanted them to understand that you will go where you are the happiest in the next life.  If you aren't comfortable with Godly things now, you won't be then.

And this is his message to all of us: Be wise in the day of your probation.

Well... there is more... turn to the Lord... pray that you will be found spotless and pure when you meet God face to face... believe in Christ... doubt nothing... ask for help... share the gospel... share the PLAN... hearken to His words... work out your salvation... strip yourselves of all uncleanliness... come with all your heart...  work hard... control your lusts... seek a firm unshakable testimony... serve... serve God... be worth...

These are the things I want my children and grandchildren to understand.

Oh that they would!

We only have one chance at this mortal life. Yes, we have repentance- but if we have the opportunity to hear truth and to seize it, then that is what we must do! We must be wise!

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