Monday, October 22, 2012

Clean Eating Report

As the weather has turned colder I have been rejoicing in soup!  I love soup!  The first soup I made was roasted pepper/tomato soup.  Hannah helped me.   We roasted peppers and tomatoes from my garden in the oven.  Then we put the peppers and tomatoes in a blender with some onion and garlic.  After blending it well we added a little potato starch to thicken the soup since I couldn't make a more traditional white sauce.  It turned out really yummy!  There were no left overs.  Sad.

The next day I made a Spicy, Citrusy black Bean soup.  I have to say it was the best black bean soup I've ever made.  I cooked 4 cups of dry black beans in 10 cups of watter, 1 tbs oregano, 3 bay leaves, and a touch of sage until they were softened.  I sauteed y chopped onions, 2 chopped bell peppers and a couple chopped hot peppers, 6 chopped cloves of garlic, 2 tsp chili powder, and 1 tbs cumin.  And then I fished out the bay leaves and added the onion mixture to the pot.  Then I added 1/2 a can of orange juice concentrate, 1 tbs lime juice, 1 tbs rice wine vinegar.  I also through in a few grated carrots.  Man!  It was good.  I got to eat it for a couple days.

I still had plenty of tomatoes from the garden so I made some home made tomato soup too.  I think  I like the roasted pepper and tomato soup better.

One day I made BLT's... with a healthy flair.  I used turkey bacon, tomatoes and lettuce from my garden and my GF bread.  It was delish!  I usually love tomato sandwiches in the fall.  However, they aren't that yummy on GF bread.  Bacon definitely makes it better.

John surprised me and took my to lunch and a Broadway show in Portland.  We went to PF Changs and got Lettuce Wraps.  I have no idea how they are made.  But I do think they are so yummy!  They were on the GF menu.  I really should figure out how to make them.

Saturday was a double show for the play.  my good friend got a  salad from Raging River in Independence.  It was very good... grilled chicken, salad greens, tomatoes and other veggies.  He even remembered to get me oil and vinegar.  What a guy!

Sunday, Hannah made Sheppard's Pie.  She had to improvise.  She used coconut butter for the mash potatoes instead of milk.  She made a gravy with corn starch instead cream of something soup.  She used corn and turkey burger and green beans.  I definitely enjoyed it.  Thank goodness Hannah is good at adapting recipes!

So now I begin a new week.

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