Sunday, October 14, 2012

Clean living report

I decided to focus no produces that I'm finding I can eat this week.  Between being too poor to afford some crazy ingredient and the time restraints of helping with a show.  I love these cookies.  Not only are they gluten free, they are sugar free too!  They are sweetened with molasses.  When ever I get a sweet tooth I now has a go-to snack.  It's nice that one little cookie will do too.

I found this dreamy little product at a health food store.  Too bad it is so pricey.  Over $5 for one little tub.  It sure makes mash potatoes tasty!  It's also nice on GF raisin toast.  I have to fight off the kids for this yummy treat.

I also found these at a health food store.  They were far more statisfying that regular potato chips.  Every once in a while I get a craving for a crunchy snack.  I loved this product!

This year we tried growing celery.  It worked.  it is a little more bitter then celery from the store.  It is also a little more chewy.  Talk about "clean eating"  The only food prints are the ones tracked in from the garden. LOL.

We also grew green peppers.  I love these and I got tons.  If I can't get any more tomatoes from my garden to make salsa with, I will have to find people to give them too.  We were able to grow green, yellow, red and even purple peppers.  It was so cool!

So... I was in the habit of drinking a diet Pepsi as my go-to soda.  However, the acupuncturist I am seeing suggested I spot drinking caffenated, sugar or worse, false sugar sodas.  I still had a craving.  Then I found this.  I loved it.  Nothing like real ginger ale... made sugar free and with out synthetic sugars!

I also found a new healthier food store to shop at.  Corvallis got a Market of Choice.  I finally drove down there and checked it out.  What a get store!  It wasn't as expensive as I thought it might be.  It had many things I can eat.  They have clear labels and helpful people.  They even sale the herbs I like.  It's a winner!

My favorite "clean eating" food of the week are the tomatoes from my garden.  I didn't get as many this year as I have in years past.  What I have picked is really yummy.  Now that it is raining I will have to watch what is still out in the garden.  I don't want them to split and spoil.  I think we only have a few days of rain and then more sun.  Tomato sandwiches.... yummmy!

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