Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cleaning the Mirror and Spreading the Light.

In my journey to better health I've decided to further explore the benefits of yoga.

This week I found this great quote, "Yoga lifestyle is a life of balance between "cleaning the mirror" and "spreading the Light".


This is a principle I've always known but haven't applied it in this manner.

Once a young lady (cheesy grin) wanted to know the meaning of life and a higher purpose. She searched high and low; she took classes and read books; but still, she could not quite grasp it.

One day, she went to hear a Master speak. (ok... she was reading her scriptures).  At the end of the lecture, the young lady asked: "Could you please explain the meaning of life and tell me why I can't achieve what I seek to achieve?"

The audience (I'm imagining angels here) chuckled at the eternal question. The Master replied: "That's a very good question. I have the answer right here in my bag." He took out a small mirror, captured a ray of light with it, and directed the light to the young lady's face.

"Can you all see how I am catching the light and directing it to your face?" he asked. "Yes." "The meaning of life," the Master explained, "is to gather Light and to take it where it's needed the most. Your purpose is to capture some Light and take it to some dark place in the world."

AH!!!  I get it!

I took some liberties with a yoga story, but I finally see the Light!  This really is God's message to me.
It is all about two actions: "cleaning the mirror" and "spreading the Light".

The mirror is the mind and body... it is the heart. We are to come to the Lord with a pure heart and clean hands.  They have to be clean and pure to catch the light in the first place. Forgiveness, repentance, faith, trust, service are all a part of the "cleaning the mirror" process.  With a pure heart and a clean mind we can reflect the light of Christ, effectively giving Light not only to our own journey but to journey of others.  What a perfect gospel centered thought.  It' makes me smile.

Yoga lifestyle is about purifying the mind and keeping the body healthy.

Funny how so many "Christians" worry that yoga is an un-Christian practice.

Seems like it follow gospel principles to me.  :)

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