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The week at the Boyacks - Week 20

It is almost Halloween.  Time for pumpkin carving.  :)  I was teaching all Monday afternoon and evening (as I usually do on Mondays) so Kimber and Ray Packed up Case, Lillian, Hannah and Chad and headed for a pumpkin patch.  Kimber's "young married" friends were having a FHE activity gathering pumpkins and carving them.  They were planning on doing the dirty deed at my house because my dining area is bigger than everyone else's kitchen areas.

One small problem... they got a late start.  The pumpkin patch was closed.  so they packed back into the Suburban and headed for the next best place... Roth's Pumpkin Patch!  LOL.  If you ask me it is the best of all worlds.  Decent prices on pumpkins... no mud... They provide "wagons" to cart things in... and to have rides on...

Everyone was happy.  They were able to get a pumpkin for everyone. 
They could even "ride" the farm animals... LOLOLOL!
Back at my house they started making a mess.Ray and Kimber's friends helped Lillian guy her pumpkin.  Ray carved a pumpkin.  Kimber carved two pumpkins - one for Ben and one for herself.  All their friends carved pumpkins.  No one else cared to carve one this year.  Poor Lillian.  She is going to have a deprived life.  No one else wants to do things like pumpkin carving and trick or treating and such.

I fed Ben and he fed Charlie.  I think that is funny.  It reminds me of the movie "Marley and Me"  I wonder if Ben will grow up thinking Charlie is half his dog.  LOL.  Actually, I think Charlie thinks he is Lillian's dog.  Kirby definitely thinks he is Lillian's dog.

Ben crawled around on the floor.  He patted pumpkins.  He ate trash off the floor (ewww).  Perhaps he feels the same.  Look at that face!

Lillian and I pulled the rest of the tomatoes and peppers from the garden.  The tomatoes didn't do as well this year.  That is a bummer because I didn't get to can salsa or spaghetti sauce.  I did get to make a good amount of Roasted Tomato and Pepper soup.
At the grocery store I found a Dragon Fruit.  I brought it home for the kids to try.  I have to say they weren't that impressed.  I thought it was like a white kiwi with a pink outer ring.  We were finishing a unit on dragons and dinosaurs so I got dino bite (chicken nuggets) for lunch too.  They liked those. Kids.

This week was the first choir concert of the year.  I only helped with the high school concert.  I let them fend for themselves for the junior high and band concerts.  Lillian is interested in learning about sound and stuff.  She helped me do the sound check before the concert started.

Hannah had her first concert as an accompanist.  She played one song for Chad's jazz choir.  She did a great job.  Usually, she pushes the tempo.  However, she was able to control herself and to follow Mr. Witt.  I loved watching her play because the "dances" as she plays. :)

I only had my camera phone and I was clear at the top of the auditorium doing sound, so my pictures are lousy.  This is Hannah's first choir concert as a high school student.  Her choir is fairly simple.  I don't believe it is very challenging for her.  I wish she could move up to the more advanced choirs.  The excuse is that freshmen need to pay their dues and stay down in the lower choir.  Still... boys that are freshmen are in the jazz choir... and an 8th grade boy is in the jazz choir.  It is disappointing.  Oh well.  She has friends in the class and is having fun most of the time.

Chad's choir struggled a little.  They have some tough pieces.  Sure hope they get better before competition.  It is a relief that they have 6 months to get better.  Chad is also getting up early this year and going to choir at 7am.  That is a miracle!  Even if he is late by a couple minutes every day.

Meanwhile, Lillian sat by me and asked a billion questions about the sound board and why we do what we need to do to get great sound.  We had to solve a little feed back and turn the mics on and off occasionally.  I let her push the buttons.  I think I will have a great little techie in a couple of years.

We also had a couple of hours spent at the dentist office this week.  Lagi, Case and I sat in the lobby.  Case and Lagi decided to play checkers...  Well... Lagi called it "tea potty".  They made "sandwiches" and "oreos", and "cracker cheese" out of the checker pieces and "ate them".  They are a crack up.

Meanwhile, Lillian had her teeth cleaned.  It was a decent visit.  She passed with a clean bill of health!  They did make note that she has very large teeth in a very small space and will need braces when all her adult teeth come into her face.  Poor little thing.

In addition... Hannah got her top braces on.  Good thing we had all those tomatoes and peppers to make a giant pot of soup.  Soup is all that she could eat for a few days.  Her mouth aches.  She has 2 years of braces ahead of her.
Friday was the last home game at Central.  Chad and Hannah went.  Chad is a Super Fan.  He jumps out and does a push up for every point scored.  This last game was a major blow out.  We will just have to say, Chad did a lot of push ups.
Chad's choir also sang the National Anthem.  I tried to hire them to sing Happy Birthday to Ray at the game.  The administration wouldn't allow it.  The bums.  Oh well.  I tried.
The big event of the week was Chad's last x-country race.  The day was crappy.  Rain... wind... cold.  We all packed into cars and went to Turner.  My mom and Dad also drove over from Bend to watch.  The Jessops came to cheer too.  I got great pictures because a family friend, Lonnie and Anthony Thurston drove over to the race to take pictures with their fancy cameras.  Chad did great!  He was a few seconds off from his PR, but I am convinced that if the weather had been better he may have reached his goal of finishing the season with a 20 minute 10k.  He isn't doing a winter sport.  I believe he wants to start P90X.  He is making a plan for college now.  At this point I think he wants a degree from OSU in exercise Science and then to be a personal trainer or better yet, a strength and conditioning coach.  One thing is for sure.  Chad has proven that he can do anything he puts is mind to.  He will make a great personal trainer or conditioning coach!


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