Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thoughts on Saturday Morning Conference

First of all... What An ANNOUNCEMENT!  The texts were flying around when Pres. Monson announced the earlier ages of missionary service.  Many of those around me (not members of the church) yesterday morning thought it rather rash... the missionaries are already so young and inexperienced.   I find it exciting and humbling.  God knows what is best.  However, I must confess that my first thought was that I needed to work harder at being a better seminary teacher and a better teacher in the home.  The weight of the responsibility to have able youth ready to serve nearly overwhelmed me as I thought just how much work there is to do to get young people ready at an earlier age.  Christ is coming soon and He needs an army.  Am I up to the task of helping them prepare?  Sigh....

Other thoughts on Saturday morning conference:
-There is always room for improvement.
- Big challenges are ahead.  Wickedness is here until He returns.  Nobody expects it to get better.  It's best to pull up the bootstraps and prepare... to work.. and to look forward to a blessed day.
-Immersing myself in the scriptures and the words of the prophets will quench my spiritual drought feelings.
-Commitment and repentance go hand in hand.
-I am enlisted to serve God.
-Love begins at home.  How am I treating the people I love most?
-Home must be a safe place for everyone.  Have the courage to say "No."
-I'm a Mormon... I know it... I live it... I love it.
-Study to seek, to strengthen.  I feast on the scriptures to increase gospel knowledge.
-Be a "doer of the word".  Obey... Serve... have integrity.
-Love comes with practice and with living gospel principles.
-Seek God's will and do it!
-Temple!  Again.  I better act on this one.
-Feeling is the language of God.
-The Holy ghost is a gift... loves us... a member of the Godhead... guides... teaches... agent of personal revelation... works in unity...strongest witness of Jesus Christ and of God the Father... comforts.. quickens... causes a mighty changes of heart as He carries the gospel of Jesus Christ into my heart.
-Heed promptings without delay!
-Look at life with my heart and I will see more of God in my life.
-This life is a step in something much bigger and better to come.
- continue to save for C mission.
-Stop the Boys on the bikes.
-Life is short.  Am I using it wisely?
-Living gospel principles help me avoid future regrets and bring peace to past regrets.
-Slow down...Life is not a race.  Life is a journey so enjoy the moment.
-Live each day with purpose.
-Live each day with a service heart.
-Live in person... spend as much personal time as possible. (Just at the moment I wrote this down, Lilli walked past me as I listened on the computer.  I stopped her and hugged her and told her I loved her.  She giggled.  She then asked if it was true that I fasted for 3 months for her to be born.  "Nope," I replied.  "I fast every Sunday for 3 years."  Her eyes got big and she ran out of the room.  I could hear her tell John, "Mom just told me that she want ME so much she fasted for 3 years!"  Time well spent.)
-Do -even better BECOME!
-Allow myself to BE happy.
-Once again... see life with my heart.
-I may not be able to change the past, but Christ can wipe away my tears and can make the pain and sorrow of yesterday turn to joy of today and tomorrow.

Wow!  My brain is on overload!

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