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Thoughts on Sunday Afternoon conference

As I watch the close of Conference, and even though I still have more to listen to (Saturday afternoon and Priesthood), I can't help but feel a bit of a loss.  I don't think I've ever cried after conference because it was over.  I am today. 

How can we not be like this day everyday?  I will miss the spirit that Conference brings my heart.  It's not the same to read the talks in the Ensign or to listen later online.  I wonder if this is what the people in the book of Mormon felt when the Savior had to leave them after His visit.  I hope I can be as diligent in remembering Him as they were.  They completely changed their lives and the lives of their families for hundreds of years.  I want to do that.  However, I fear I am weak and my faith is so little that I easily forget how I feel at this moment.  Perhaps that is what I am moarning in reality.

I gained so much from the messages I have heard... from the music that was shared... from the prayers that were said.

Here is what I learned most from Sunday afternoon Conference:
-Am I a Christian?  Do I follow Christ in all things? Do I reject worldly habits and sins? do I return to the Lord when called?Do I love Him?
-I need to study and understand Peter better.  He was mentioned so many times.  I am like Peter.
- Again the story of "Do you love me?"  There is great meaning in this story for today.
-Show the Savior love by feeding others... at home I can feed the sheep - even the black sheep- through my example, scripture study, prayer, increase of love and patience, and invitations to join in all the above.
-Christ will make me equal to the task and the work He asks me to do.
-The Lord's first disciples were new converts! - I don't know why I've ever missed that before.  It doesn't matter how long I've known, it matter what I do with what I know.
-I need to work harder to strengthen Christian values: love - remember all are God's children, faith - trusting the Lord in all things, sacrifince - giving all my time, energy, and self to helping all of God's children to see Him and to seek Him, caring - reaching out to all people no matter how different they are from me, service - helping to lift others who are down, patience - waiting on the Lord's time with a cheerful heart, peace - promoting peace, forgiveness - blessing other whom have hurt me, conversion - recieveing the Light (Christ) and then reflecting that Light to others around me, and enduring to the end - just keep swimming.
-Temples!  Again!  I better get to it.
-Select a day each week and focus on turning the hearts of fmaily to each other, past and presence.  Time to dust off family histories and geneology.  I even opened the drawer to see how many more names I had to go to the temple.  I found too that needed work.  Better do it.  Better look for more and ask family to go to the temple with me.
-It's up to me to claim all of the blessings of linking family.
-Focus on the needs of the learner.
-Love my students and children more.
-Follow the Savior one step at a time.
- conversion is the goal and it takes a life time.
-To be converted is to know, then to do, then to BECOME!
- Teach true doctrine - invite to do.
-Ask for deeper understanding.
-Faith will help me climb to eternal life with Christ and Father in heaven.
-Faith is action and power.
- I Believe!
-Fear distracts us from focusing on the Savior - once again Peter.
-Seek faith unto repentance.
-Faith anchors me to the ROCK!
-Sacrament meeting is the most important meeting in the church.  Prepare for it! 1) come with a feeling of gratitude for the Savior 2) Remember my baptismal covenants to mourn with those that mourn, comfort those in need of comfort, to stand as a witness at all times, to be numbered among His people even until the first resurrection, willing to serve where He needs me to serve, keeping His commandments and having a great desire to be like Him and to be with Him 3) Feel forgiveness for my sins by repenting before I take the Sacrament through prayer 4) Receive inspiration for the things that are on my mind 5) Be filled with the Holy Ghost and live to keep Him in my daily life.
-I really do need to understand Peter better.
-A testimony is personal knowledge given by God.  A testimony comes with increased responsibility to act and to seek more.
_I too, need additional instruction.
-Conversion is a permanent change in my very nature... an enlarging of my testimony... a new creature.
-Elder Bednar is so deep and so fast I can't write down what I'm learning fast enough.... LOL.
-Conversion is an offering of whole self to god in gratitude for the testimony and knowledge given... an offering of my whole soul, heart, mind and strength.
-To be converted is to do good continually... a mighty change of heart... to stay on the path of duty... to obey with exactness... to to serve with unwearying diligence.
-A testimony is not enough to protect me... conversion is needed too.  Maybe conversion is the chain mail... the daily efforts to live what I know.
-Lay down my weapons of rebellion!  There is healing there.
-The gospel is true, be true to the gospel.
-We all must pay the price of our own conversion.  We can't share that with others, even if we wanted to.  That price is our hearts, is daily living and practicing what we know to be true.
 - Remain TRUE!
-Study these messages - even the prophet studies conference talks.
-Be willing to serve.
-Be of good cheer, God is near.
-Be like Christ.
-I can do this.  I got this.

I guess it's time now to listen to Saturday Afternoon Conference.


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