Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thoughts on Sunday Morning Conference

Yesterday I missed conference and I was sad.  It was Marathon Day with Little Mermaid that opens next weekend.  This is the first time in nearly 15 years I've missed any Conference sessions.  I am so thankful for Conference sessions streaming on the Internet.  Today will be Conference Marathon Day!

Here are my thoughts on what I heard this morning:
- God is not hidden.  We hid hide ourselves.
-All that I have now and experienced so far has all been a gift from God.
- Christ cares for my happiness... now and in the future.
-Sometimes prayers aren't answered in the way that we asked, but they are always answered.  Answers are always calculated to bless.
-My prayers need to change... more "Thy will will be done and in Thy own timing."
-Service is the way to see God as I learn to be more like Him.  I can also feel Him near when I extend love and forgiveness to others.
- Line up the lights!  My light with the Savior's light.  In doing so I may be able to help those who are lost and wanting to find a way back.  Leaving my light hid may put them in jeopardy.
-We all need the Atonement.  I don't know how Christ was able to atone for my sins and fears and sadness's, but I know that He did.  That's all that matters.  That's all that counts.
-When we full repent He will remember them no more.  Interesting that He will remember them no more, but we will remember them for the lessons we learned.
-First observe and then serve.  This applies everywhere, but never as important as in the family.  I need to use this rule better at home.
-We are often the hands of the Savior when we serve others.  Seek to be His well used hands.  Seek to serve in HIS way, not my way.
-Make time for the temple!
-As I come unto Christ I will see Him in my heart.
-Information is not enough.  I need inspiration from heaven.
-Read - Hearken-Pray-Be still - DO!
-Remember and parish not.
-What do we do now?
-Do I love Christ more than all this?
-Why do I always return to old habits?  The first commandment is to love God.  That means to never look back... to commit all the way!
-Feed the sheep.
-Nothing will ever be as it was before.
-Our call is to STAY TRUE!
-Never look back!
-Take a step back and look at the blessing.  Focus on the good and look past the negative.
-Never postpone a prompting.
-Be willing to to go where God needs me to go to be an instrument in answering prayer.
-GO To THE TEMPLE!  It's not for me it's for C.  I've had this prompting before.  I'd better move on it before it's too late.
-Luck?  I think not.
-God has time to direct individuals.

Now to listen to Saturday morning sessions before Sunday afternoon sessions begin!

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