Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Book of Mormon Study - Ether 11

I've got election day on my mind.

It is hard to read about the political happenings of the Jaredites without considering our precarious position today.

The message: Wickedness cannot bring happiness.

I have to wonder what will be the effect a leader has if he does not walk in the ways of the Lord.  It could devastating.

It is so easy to see the 'Nephite Cycle' of kingdoms rising and falling as we read the entire history of them. But, when we, as a nation, are living in one small piece of the cycle, it is difficult to see clearly see where we are in that cycle.

I really believe we are in the downward cycle. We are a nation with proud people, who are turning their backs to the ways of the Lord.

Like the people in this chapter, heavy taxes will continue to weigh us down, and the sanctity of marriage will continue to be changed.

It is only a matter of time before the consequences of leadership will become such a burden on the people that they will rise up in frustration and rebellion, and once again turn their hearts to God.

Or not.

We are living in the latter days. And only God know what really will happen.

It's our job to not let our hearts fail us.

I guess I can do that :)
  I need to remember that a piece of hope is contained here as well: God is mindful of His children, and sends prophets to them when they are in need.

I find it comforting that we have living prophet today to share with us the things that God would have us hear.

We live in an "exciting time," to quote President Hinckley. We must keep that feeling of hope and excitement as we realize what is most important: Nations rise and fall, but it is the Kingdom of God that will never be taken from the earth again.

That thought brings me great peace.

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