Friday, November 9, 2012

Book of Mormon Study- Ether 13

Ether was a great prophet, privy to all manner of visions and prophesying. I often wonder how awesome that must be, to see a vision of the future, to have that kind of relationship with the Lord.

Then again.... could I handle that?

Ether taught amazing things, had prophetic insights and miraculous spiritual experiences, and he lived alone in a cave with people trying to kill him.

Is it a fair trade off? Would I take it?  my life would be drastically different if I had know in advance what I would be facing.  Some choices I would have left alone.  but then, where would I be?

What I do know is that I love the testimony I do have, and would not trade it for a life of riches, ease and fame. My testimony gives me perspective and purpose. If that is just a sliver of what the prophets of old must have felt I can understand why they never compromised; why they risked pain and death to testify.

I am so grateful for the prophets of old; for their willingness to endure suffering and pain to prophesy for us. My testimony and gratitude for all of God's prophets has definitely been strengthened by my daily reading of the Book of Mormon. What a blessing it has been to me!

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