Saturday, November 17, 2012

Book of Mormon Study - Moroni 1-3

These chapters are so short I decided to read all three.

Moroni 1

What faith Moroni had in the face of imminent danger- to be killed for your belief. And yet, there is no hint of bitterness or regret. In fact, he continues to write for the welfare of the souls of the very people that were hunting him. Amazing.

Sometimes I hear people murmur and mumble that living the gospel is a 'sacrifice' too great. They question the commandments and the standards the Lord expects, and build up a resentment for the freedom that they 'lose' through obedience. They miss the eternal perspective that Moroni had. They complain because they have to get up at 7am for 9am church to work in Primary, and Moroni lived in a cave, awaiting his terrible death without complaint.

Perhaps that is a little harsh- but it's true.

Sacrifice isn't just a part of life, it is a requirement for salvation. We cannot be saved unless we are willing to give up all for the One who gave up all for us. And yet, there are those who say, Why would Jesus want me to suffer? I thought He loved me? I don't need to give up all these things- He loves me for who I am, and that's enough.

Yes, He does love everyone. But, loving and saving are two different things.

I am sure Heavenly Father loved Lucifer just as much as the rest of us, but his actions disqualified him from reaching his second estate. Love is powerful, and it is because of love the Jesus wrought the Atonement, but it is through justice and mercy on His part, and obedience and sacrifice on our, with which we are saved.

So, from now on, when I feel even an inkling of murmuring coming on within myself, I'll simply think cave, and put an end to it.

Moroni 2 and 3

I just love how intimate Priesthood ordinances are. They all have to do with something physical, with His hands, or hands that represent His. It makes sense, since the Priesthood is merely doing what He would do with His permission.

I am always amazed when I sit and take inventory of all that He has given me to help me along His path: the Priesthood and all its ordinances, the scriptures, prophets, prayer, the Holy Ghost, the gifts of the Spirit, personal revelation, the organization of His church, callings, study materials, seminary, institute, classes, firesides, conferences, magazines, activities, visiting/home teachers, etc.

I am overwhelmed with love and gratitude at the efforts He puts forth- through Him and others- on my behalf. And, I am honored to be a part of this list for others.

So today I'm off to be blessed by the blessing of the temple.  Today my second daughter goes to the temple for the first time.  It will be a great day!

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