Sunday, November 18, 2012

Book of Mormon Study - Moroni 4-5

Again, this is another witness to me that this is His church- that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are the same yesterday and today. That means they will be the same tomorrow, too. That, to me, is extremely comforting.

The ordinance of the Sacrament is never changing!  What a blessing!

We are promised that we will have the companionship of the Spirit in return for making and honoring our sacrament covenants. Think about how you feel when you have partaken of the sacrament reverently and worthily.
Chapters 4-5 are important for our day as they help us see the consistency of gospel ordinances through different periods of time.

It should strengthen us to see the same ordinances present in different dispensations of the Lord’s Church because it is a testimony and evidence that the plan of salvation is consistent and the ordinances are allowing us to make the same covenants that have always bound us to our Heavenly parents.

A couple things struck out to me:

bread - the Bread of Life will bless and sanctify us IF we eat it and incorporate the Savior fully in our lives.

We must be willing to DO as Jesus would DO... to act as Jesus would act... and to KEEP commandments as Jesus kept them.

To be willing is to change my will for His will... in all things.

The blood is to remind me of His sacrifices for me but also of my repentance processes.

These thoughts today also reminded me of John Bytheway.  Here are a few thoughts from him:

(Summary from a talk given by John Bytheway, "The Best Three Hours of the Week")

Cloth on Table - The trays are received from the back room and put on the table on a cloth. The bread and water trays are arranged and then another cloth is placed over the trays. Could this represent Jesus' tomb? Christ's body was covered with a cloth. Look at the table and see if it doesn't? It resemble a body covered!

Bread is Torn - As the Sacrament begins, we sing a hymn about Christ and the bread is literally torn. Read the words to Hymn No. 181... "bruised, broken, torn for us on Calvary's Hill." We are watching the symbolism of His body being torn.

Sacrament Prayers are Offered - These are perhaps the most repeated prayers! When somebody of great respect comes into the room, it is customary to show respect by standing up. However, if Christ were to enter the room, we would show respect by kneeling. That is why the Sacrament Prayers are given while kneeling. The Prayers can be found in Moroni, chapters 4 & 5.

Altar of the Lord - The Sacrament table represents an altar of the Lord.

"That they may witness unto thee" - We are saying that we are willing to testify of Christ when we take the Sacrament! We are saying, If you want to know what Mormons believe, watch me! When I go to school, watch me! When I'm with my friends, watch me! That is testifying of Christ.

Always Remember Him - Remember the story of the mountain climbers and the term "belay?" It means to secure by a rope to something sturdy. We are belayed to Christ. When we fall, we are literally saved by just ten feet while his arms are outstretched, fingers digging into the rocks. Christ has saved us through the atonement. When someone saves our life, we don't give them a thank you gift and call it done. No. We "always remember him" who has saved us.

Our Covenant Hand - Our right hand is our covenant hand, and therefore the hand we reach to take the bread and water. We are eating and drinking perhaps to represent putting Christ (his body and blood) inside us so He can get into our hearts and into our nature.

White Shirts - Those passing the sacrament are wearing white shirts to represent the clothing we wore at baptism, and the clothes we will wear in preparation for our temple covenants.

So there are my thoughts.  I think that my next experience withe the sacrament will be much more meaningful!

What did you learn?

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