Monday, November 26, 2012

Book of Mormon Study - Moroni 6

Last week was nuts!  I didn't find time to breathe, let alone blog scipture.  This week I repent.  LOL

Bruce R. McConkie said, "Before baptism, the seeker of salvation believes in Christ and gains a knowledge of the plan of redemption, of mercy and of repentance. He feels in his heart that through our Lords' atoning sacrifice man can be reconciled to God, and he desires through repentance, to rid himself from the grasp of justice and find mercy in the arms of the Lord."

Being forgiven every time one repents with real intent (8) is mentioned before in the scriptures. How grateful I am for that- because heaven knows (as does my family and friends!) I have need for forgiveness time and time again! OK... everyday!

But the one thing that struck me this morning was in verse 1. It says: ...and they were not baptized save they brought forth fruit meet that they were worthy of it."

Most of the time this verse is kind of lumped with the second one, that talks about having a broken heart and contrite spirit- but it isn't talking about that. That is a condition of that heart and spirit. The 'fruit' is a product. And the product or 'fruit' which was required before baptism was worthiness.

It was required back then - and today - that only must you have a testimony of the gospel and the Savior, and have a broken hearth and contrite spirit, and repent. All of these things are internal- reflected in our minds and souls.

But, there is an external component to it as well, and that's the fruit. We must physically change our habits, and stop those practices that deem us unworthy to have the companionship of the Holy Ghost. Only then can we receive it as a constant companion and be cleansed (4).

I think, in theory, I knew that- but I had never noticed it here in this chapter!

What did you learn?

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