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Week at the Boyack's - Week 21

This week I have the privilege of bringing to you a guest writer.  Lillian's school asked her to take pictures and record what happened in her week.  Here is what she said... with a little commentary here and there from mom.  I am Lilli, Wendy's nine year old daughter, I made this banner for my sister who moved to New Mexico and was coming to visit. McKay loved it. It was fun making it. I used spray paint quick dry of course because it's been raining. And if you can't read it very well it says, we love you McKay welcome.
 This is Hannah my fourteen year old sister. She just got her braces and a bite plate. A bite plate is so she does not bite her bottom brackets off. Her bite plate has two music notes and a tiny piano in the middle. I know it's kind of weird, But I think I know why they do that, but then again it is weird.  I love the perspective of a little person.  LOL  The bite plate is green and has music notes on it so that Hannah doesn't loose it or step on it. The designs help make it visible.

 This is a picture of my sister Kimber doing my zombie make-up.  It was super cool looking. In this picture she didn't put my make-up on yet. I got a lot of candy ALOT of candy I do not know why.
 This is a picture of my nephew.  He was baby Thor.  It was adorable so cute and my sister Kimber was Thor's mommy and my brother in law was Odin Thor's daddy.  Kimber really did a great job on Ben's costume.  I'm looking forward to many grandchildren wearing this costume.  It's cute how much Kimber gets into this.  

 Ben again  he is so cute in his little Thor costume. Ben can almost walk at like nine or eight months! Such a strong baby.
 This is a picture of the Thor family. Ray is the tall one and Kimber is the girl and the baby is baby Thor. So cute!  Ray made his costume... cardboard and spray paint.  Kimber is rubbing off on him.  However, I look at this picture and it's a major dejavu!  With Ray and Kimber, some things never change.

At this point I think Lillian gave up.  LOL.  We went to the Trunk or Treat at the church.  Lillian got into the "spirit" of things.

Ray and Kimber, and the Tapasa's helped at my traditional hot chocolate booth.  This tradition is expensive, but I think some people would revolt if I didn't show up with hot chocolate and cider.  One person came up and said they knew the church was true because I was there serving cocoa and cider.  LOL.  Better work on that testimony.
Our jack-o-lanterns from last week didn't make it.  They were a rotting, slimmy mess on the porch.  But Kimber had a back up plan!  She brought the pumpkins from Cinderella and more pumpkins that she had made.  Look!  We had instant pumpkin decorations.
So... next door... there are new "nayayayayyayay-bors".  The guy that owns the house next door isn't very good about caring for his property.  His mom... lives the next house over... was not impressed with the over growth.  She just knew that the yard was inviting rodents!  Goats were his solution.  LOL.  They really aren't too bad... except for in the morning when they want grain or something.  Then they sound like Mike the handicap guy form up the street wailing and crying.  It totally confused McKay.  LOL.

For the last entry of the week I am attempting to post a link to the video of the play Lillian wrote in honor of McKay's triumphant return to Monmouth.  Lillian wrote the play and made us all practice.  Thankfully, everyone cooperated.  We even had quite a few giggles through the whole process.

GAH!  I can't get it to load... go watch it on Facebook.


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