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Gospel Study - To Hold sacred

Today the struggle continues. Secular voices are growing in volume and intensity. They increasingly urge believers to abandon beliefs the world considers irrational and unreasonable.

The sacred cannot be selectively surrendered. Those who choose to abandon even one sacred thing will have their minds darkened, and unless they repent, the light they have shall be taken from them. Unanchored by the sacred, they will find themselves morally adrift on a secular sea. Elder Paul B. Pieper’s talk really hit me, especially the last several paragraphs. His talk was very timely for me, and I am trying to hold sacred the truths that I have received, so that my mind won’t be darkened. What a scary thought!
Daily reflecting upon and recording the impressions that come from the Spirit serve the dual purpose of helping us (1) to recognize our personal encounters with the divine and (2) to preserve them for ourselves and our posterity   Recording them is formal recognition and acknowledgement of our gr…

Week at the Boyack's - Week 29

Well... It's been a nice relaxing week.  I didn't even really take any pictures   We didn't do much so why break out the camera?  Not to mention, my kids take my phone and run the battery down and the camera too!  Thankfully, Kimber had some battery to get a couple pictures of Christmas day.

First of all, we did get to keep a couple Christmas Eve traditions.  We were coming home from Bend after dark, but we had to stop at the Mickey Mouse House and give our friends the Aldreges a hug, pjs or not.  I think Chad was the only one wearing Jammies.  

 How can we not stop and see this house.  These guys do a great job showing the community the Spirit of Christmas.  Not only do they have lights and statues everywhere, they collect food and cash for the local food bank.  They are such a great example of true community spirit and the Christmas  spirit too!  Anyway, our tradition is to look at lights in jammies and have hot chocolate as we read the Christmas story.  We did it all bac…

Gospel Study - Was It Worth It?

Whenever the gospel is shared, it is never "just one boy." Whenever conversion happens or someone returns to the Lord it is a family that is saved.

I am thankful for the missionaries that found my dad.  They didn't change only the life of my dad.  5 of his 7 children are active members of the church.  17 of his 24 grandchildren are growing up or active in the gospel.  There have been 2 missionaries and 2 temple marriages with these grandchildren so far.  Those missionaries helped many people.  Not just my dad.
"Never delay a prompting."
I try.  I have never succeeded in getting someone I know to listen to the missionaries.  but I try.  I openly share my testimony. 
I see my missionary work more in converting teen through seminary.  
I hope that counts.

Gospel Study - Only Upon the Principles of Righteousness

Today I read Only Upon the Principles of Righteousness by Elder Larry Y. Wilson of the Seventy.
I appreciated that Elder Wilson reminded us that the right to useanyGod-given authority, which to me includes motherhood and any calling in the Church.  We must “lead by principles of righteousness.” 
Too often we feel as parents that we must “…compel someone to righteousness who can and should be exercising his or her own moral agency…”  That is hard to remember.  “We simply cannot force others to do the right thing.”
I have learned from experience that “compulsion builds resentment.  It conveys mistrust, and it makes people feel incompetent.  Learning opportunities are lost when controlling persons pridefully assume they have all the right answers for others.”
I suffer from this prideful parenting.  Sigh.
“Wise parents prepare their children to get along without them.”
Well I hope I am doing that.  There are days I wonder.  There are also days I dread the day that they won’t need me anymore.  …

Attend the Tale...

I came home from Seminary a few months ago and quickly became a little confused.  John was still home.  He left a message on Facebook that I had the day off.  My response was, “I don’t think so.  I've got responsibilities.”  But I went with it. John had arranged for Kimber to hang out with the little people at my house.  He had arranged for Ray to run Chad around.  All I needed to do was re-arrange a couple lessons I had. We took off and stopped at Trader Joe’s and then headed into Portland.  John and I don’t always agree with what is considered fun.  I kept thinking of all the lame things he could be taking me.  Finally, we turned down a street in downtown Portland.  I saw the huge poster.  I was going to see SWEENEY TODD! Yes!  A perfect surprise! I have loved SWEENEY TODD since I first heard the sound track in the late seventies, early eighties. I love its dark humor, its beautiful score, and the wit of its libretto. SWEENEY TODD is a triumph of musical inventiveness and expressive…

A Masterpiece of Law vs. Grace

Oh, so long ago I fell in love with the incredible story penned by Victor Hugo'sLes Miserables .  Such a literary powerhouse long before Alain Boubeil and Claude-Michel Schonberg wrote their musical based on the story in 1980. I fell in love all over again.  This time with haunting melodies and an exquisite score.    I loved it even more when I was privileged to see the first touring company’s production in Salt Lake City and the flame rekindled when I saw it again in Portland. 
Yesterday I saw the motion picture, Les Miserables, the Musical.  It was stunning.  The fire still burns.
On the way home, my son asked which production I liked better, the stage or the film?  I love them both!  Both speak to me at different levels.
The stage offers a kind of magic that can’t be duplicated on film.  With a rotating stage with sets in motion, and we end up traveling more in the stage version than in the movie — a mind-blogging feat.  The passion of experiencing the story live in the moment is…

Gospel Study - That the Lost May Be Found

Today I read Elder M. Russell Ballard’s talk, That the Lost May Be found.
I was struck by Elder Ballard’s observation about families –
“… happiness [connects] directly to the family… There is no happiness without service, and there is no service greater than that which converts the home into a divine institution…”
“… societies at large are strengthened as families grow stronger.”
“Opposite of what many had thought, prosperity and education seem to be connected to a higher likelihood of having traditional families and values.”
I admired him for bringing out the concern of causation vs correlation.
“The real question, of course, is aboutcauseandeffect. Do some sectors of our society have stronger values and familiesbecausethey are more educated and prosperous, or are they more educated and prosperousbecausethey have values and strong families?”
But of course we know that it is causation, and we know what the cause is – strong families.
“…[S]ocieties at large are strengthened as families grow st…

Christmas Letter - 2012

For those of you that didn't get to enjoy John's annual writing, here it is.  You've seen all the pictures before if you follow my blog.  They didn't transfer over when I cut and pasted the letter onto the blog.  Oh well.  Enjoy the musings of John.
Hello everyone, and Happy Holidays to all from the Willamette Valley, the Christmas tree capital of the USA! Have you got your tree yet?  We’re still browsing the dozens of farms within driving range of our house, and also the Christmas sections of the local home improvement stores, where quality plastic trees are grown.  Back in the day, we could never have considered an artificial tree.  Blasphemy!  A fresh Christmas tree was part of our holiday religion, along with homemade chocolates and this Christmas letter, mailed out before January and on physical paper.  But, just as all of you have seen in your lives, my priorities have drifted as I have struggled to find time to decorate and festivate between creating my holiday P…