Thursday, December 6, 2012

Book of Mormon Study - Moroni 8

This mornings reading reminded me of my missionaries.  Well... they aren't my children, but they are young men that are near and dear to my heart: Jon J., Jacob E., Isaac H., Montana H.  Rory H., Gibson, Raji M., Dean D. and somewhat soon Josh S.  All of the young men are either related to me, adopted sons of my heart and/or students from seminary.

Chapter 8 shares the tender feelings of a parent and mentor to a son headed into the world to call people to repentance.

I share many of the same feelings.

Like Mormon I "rejoice exceedingly" over these valiant sons.  I know that the Lord is "mindful of [them]" and has "called [them] to His ministry and to His holy work."  Like Mormon, "I am mindful of [them] always in my prayers" because I have hope in His "infinite goodness and grace."

If I could counsel them I would counsel them to "labor diligently"; to teach "by the power of the Holy Ghost"; to "listen to the words of Christ"; to "teach repentance and baptism"; to be "humble"; and to love those whom they serve with LOVE.

Mormon's words to Moroni are the words I'd like to share with my missionaries.  They are the words I'd like to share with my children and grandchildren.

Maybe someday I'll even write a similar letter to my son or daughter serving the Lord... I still hold out hope.  At least I wrote my thoughts for my grandson who, I also hope will serve a mission.

Again, how sweet it must have been for Moroni to have the words of his father- especially a letter written for him. You can sense the love Mormon had for his son. He prayed for him continually (31).

I think that is what this past 10 months of reading the Book of Mormon for Ben has become... My letter to him... my thoughts and my testimony of the Savior.  I would hope that he loves the scriptures and my thoughts as much as Moroni loved the scriptures and the words of his father.

Thoughts of Ben lead me to the next great lesson I see in Chapter 8.

How wonderful that we know that little children are automatically saved in Him!! I love how Mormon puts it- They are 'alive in Christ (12).

Verse 16 is a wonderful glimpse into the power of that man. He said "...I fear not what man can do; for perfect love casteth out all fear."

We read in the last chapter that charity is the perfect love of Christ.  And now, we learn that charity casts out all fear. How powerful!

When we are meek and lowly in heart, the Holy Ghost visits us. He fills us with hope and perfect love. 

That's why, in the last chapter, Mormon told us to pray.

Spiritual things are given by spiritual means.

Prayer unlocks the windows of heaven- and our eternal salvation.

What did you learn?

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