Monday, December 10, 2012

Book of Mormon Study - Moroni 9

I've been having trouble keeping my internet open, so I will be blogging both Moroni 9 and Moroni 10 today.

In the last chapter Mormon said he did not fear what man can do, for he has charity (8:16), but here in this chapter he speaks of fear (3 &4). But, this isn't Mormon's fear of men, it is is fear for them.  He knows the stakes, he knows the price of disobedience. He labors with them continually that they might have hope, faith and charity- but it doesn't look good for them.  That was difficult for Mormon to see (I know, that's a huge understatement.)

I sometimes feel that way about the people I love and the people I serve.  Everything is moving faster and faster toward the kind of world Mormon describes.  Can we all survive it?  I wonder sometimes if anyone is listening... students, children, friends... as I share what is near and dear to my heart.

But, regardless of how the message was received, Mormon knew it was important to labor with his might. He knew he would be judged according to his performance- not their acceptance. (6)

I think sometimes we threw our hands up in the air and think "I'm trying so hard and it's doing no good." Well... I know I do.

To be real honest here- sometimes our efforts don't to any apparent good to other people- but that's not our problem. We labor diligently to serve and obey because it make us more like the Savior.

Think about it- the Savior sacrificed Himself- and still, not everyone will take advantage of it!

He didn't say, "Well, I'm trying so hard, but not everyone is coming to me, so forget it." No, he did that which was right, because it was right. 

I guess I just have to keep trying.

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